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Upside Medical

Discussion in 'Upside' started by November, May 21, 2016.

  1. November

    November Previously Sermane Staff Member

    --This page is under construction--​

    Welcome to the page for the number one clinic in the sector. Here at Upside Medical we strive to keep you from catching the dead. Below is all the information regarding who we are, our services, and appointment information.

    Staff Roster

    In the case of a medical emergency, feel free to contact any of the professionals listed below. Availability is not 24/7, but each and every one of us is dedicated to providing the most immediate care we can.

    ((Insert picture here)) Paige Harley, Chief of Medicine- Specialising in cybernetics and neural surgery, Paige has been practising independently for ten years before settling down in the fringes of frontier space. Working on her own for so long has given her a well rounded knowledge of medicine, extending from basic psychiatry to obstetrics and gynecology. In the sector she has performed several successful operations on both biotic and synthetic trauma patients, ready to accept all species that require medical aid.

    Billing Guidelines

    In order to maintain our staff and supplies, patients will receive fees based on care given. Prices will be outlined during any check up or consultation, but the fee for emergency procedures are outlined below. In the event of an emergency, all measures will be taken to preserve a patient's life unless verified next of kin or a care waiver is provided.

    ((Note to self: Find the notebook I wrote all this down in))

    Payment plans are available on a case by case basis. Note that outstanding fees or excessively late payments may result in denial of service or punitive measures from the Upside Security.


    To make an appointment, please contact this address with as much as the following information as possible:
    • Name
    • Age and date of birth
    • Species
    • Reason for appointment request
    • Availability or requested time of appointment
    • --Please remember to bring any medication or relevant materials to your appointment--
    Our staff is ready to provide you with physicals, consultations, and routine checkups by appointment. If you have any medical issue at all, do not hesitate to try and let us help. If for any reason we feel we do not have the means to assist in your medical issues, there will be no charge for the consultation and we will do our best to provide a recommendation to another medical professional.

    Hospital Policy
    Upside Medical will never under any circumstance use information gained during medical procedure to blackmail, defame, or otherwise harm a patient.

    Upside Medical will never prosecute in the event that a patient is in possession or under the influence of illegal materials. Illegal materials may be handed over anonymously to Upside Security in order to facilitate community safety.

    Upside Medical reserves the right to refuse service to anyone should its staff feel uncomfortable or unsafe with the patient. However, Upside Medical does not tolerate denial of service on basis of race, creed, gender, or similar factors. If you feel you have been unjustly discriminated against, contact the Chief of Medicine.

    The Chief of Medicine reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason as director of the facility.

    People who are hereby barred from service by Upside Medical are listed below, service may still be granted by explicit permission from the Chief of Medicine:


    The following positions are available to be filled. If interested, please contact this address with your application.

    • Chief Physician
    • Physician
    • Surgeon
    • Nursing Staff
    • Janitorial/Maintenance Staff
    • Clerical Staff
    • Psychiatric Specialist
    • Counseling Staff
    • Race Specific Medical Specialists
    If you do not see your desired role in the list above, but still believe you can fill a valuable position in our clinic, please contact the Chief of Medicine with your proposal.

    Questions of any nature can be directed to the Chief of Medicine. We strive to provide the best care and information possible, so your opinion is important to us. Feel free to reply to this post with reviews of out facility!

    -Administration of the thread reserves the right to remove posts on the basis of libel, belligerence, or inappropriate content-
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  2. Node

    Node Literal Edgelord

    The Medy Rdy

    The "Medy Rdy" is a dispenser located outside of the med bay. It is owned and run by The Sunshine Corporation. It is a simple machine that dispenses a wide range of medical products. Primarily it only dispenses non-perscription drugs such as:

    • Bandages: 5 Pixels - Roll or package
    • Acetaminophen: 20 pixels - Package of 24
    • Anti-Histamines: 20 Pixels - Bottle of 30
    • Cough syrup: 15 Pixels - 125 ml
    • Ibuprofen: 20 Pixels - Bottle of 30
    • Isopropyl: 8 Pixels - 125 ml
    • Analgesic Gels: 10 pixels - 125 ml
    • Distilled water: 10 pixels - 500 ml
    • Basic Tools: Disposable Gloves, Tape (For securing bandages), Scissors, Safety pins, etc: 5 pixels
    Products are rather cleverly teleported directly into the machine, and are selected via a digital display. This machine can under no circumstance be used to obtain prescription drugs, and are not a replacement for a pharmaceutical representative.
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