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OOC Tthatian Public Property Listings

Discussion in 'Ttha' started by Reconus, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Reconus

    Reconus Moderator Staff Member

    The Tthatian Public Property Listings

    In this thread, you can list a character's (or a group's in the case of multiple persons) ownership of a property down below for everyone else's reference along with any other notes you wish to add.

    A small template has been provided below for people to follow when posting such places:

    • Picture: [A picture of the place. Not mandatory, but helpful and neat!]
    • Name: [The name of the establishment itself.]
    • Owner(s): [The Characters or Group that owns the property.]
    • Description: [Description of the property, what's in it, whats locked, all that jazz. Not mandatory again, but certainly helpful.]
    • Region: [Where the property is located. A region list will be available some time - most likely under
      Ttha's 'OOC' Information Guide.]
    • Rules & Permissions: [What goes: things like whether the place can be touched, broken into or, or stolen from or not without the owners around so forth or their permission. Please respect these permissions, and if you're not sure if you're allowed - ask the player(s) involved!]

    This counts for obtained properties too, not just ones you build. Remember to update if anything changes too (such as ownership/vacancy or additions) so people can keep track!

    Edit: If you want to claim one of the housings within the town (or other pre-built structures) feel free to contact either @Tacoburger, @Reconus, @Oleksandra, or @Aiko. They can also be arranged IC with the Militia.

    Edit: We reserve the right to freely edit any home you own on the planet. We usually won't have to if it sticks to the thematic of planet, but if you intend to go outside the theme, add the additional item below and we'll approve it if it feels good.

    • Reasoning for its existence: [Why do you think it belongs here, and what would it add to the area? Do you think it fits well enough within the interests of others, including yourself, that it doesn't need to fit the theme? Is your building originally one of ours and it was edited by your characters or others outside the planet? Is it a prefab that was imported from out of planet?]
    • Picture: [Mandatory if you intend to make it custom. We'd like to see it before we place it down. World Edit allows us to do so, so if you make it out of planet, we'll paste it for you if you want us to.]
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  2. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    • Picture: http://puu.sh/vBrs3/f779c9cce0.png
    • Name: House(If renamed, Scarlet's Abode?)
    • Owner(s): Scarlet, Kevma, I.V.A.
    • Description: It's a basic house that you guys built. https://puu.sh/vBsw2/850481d2ef.png
    • Region: New Berkhaut
    • Rules & Permissions: None that I know of, Scarlet usually locks the door behind her if applicable, I'd heavily prefer people not steal TOO much from the house that can't be replaced easily. Just please make sure to get my consent, and don't kill or kidnap anyone inside.
    Please message me if I need to add anything.
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  3. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    • Picture:
    • Name: Deserted Property
    • Owner(s): (Deceased)
    • Description: Less of a shack, more of a hole in the ground that appears to have been made livable. The door is locked in place with a deadbolt.
    • Region: New Berkhaut
    • Rules & Permissions: The owner is dead, so it's a free-for-all now.
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  4. Diehardpatriot

    Diehardpatriot New Member

    • Picture: SEE BELOW!!!
    • Name: Camp Castor!
    • Owner(s): Kade Castor and any of his companions
    • Description: A small campground set up in the by a well adjacent to a small stream. It consists of various supplies, a tent, a shack, and an Outbacker ATV.
    • Region: The Green Expanse in a stretch between farmland
    • Rules & Permissions: The place can be touched and visited, and everything on the outside of the camp can be stolen from. Breaking into any of the structures requires permission, but if you manage to get inside then feel free to try stealing some stuff!
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  5. Ultimat3Wingman

    Ultimat3Wingman "Come Fly With Me!"

    • Picture: See Below!
    • Name: House ( Luis and Robin's Home )
    • Owner(s): Luis and Robin.
    • Description: A home that is just past a drop ship to the east of the temple. It's pretty neat and looks like it can support two guys just trying to live out on the Fringe and maybe get into some trouble!
    • Region: New Berkhaut
    • Rules: Same goes for this one. Let me know if you want to break in you bastards! Pretty much anything goes as long as you speak to me first before anything.

    View attachment 4565
  6. Howard

    Howard New Member

    Picture: See Below
    Name: Country Home
    Owner(s): Obar.
    Description: A place where Obar can live. The door is locked with chains.
    Region: New Berkhaut
    Rules: If you want to do anything with this house, PM me.

  7. Tacoburger

    Tacoburger professional taco burger

    with that house in particular, more than one person can live in it so feel free to open it up to anybody else, like some sort of communal housing complex
  8. Howard

    Howard New Member

    Sure thing. If anybody want to live here just ask me.
  9. OmegaMatt

    OmegaMatt Last But Not Least


    • Name: The Snakehole
    • Owner(s): Spitfire (Me) & Crowliss (Frohman)
    • Description: A half buried ruin patched up with mud brick and roofed with scrap metal and tthatch. There are no locks, but don't expect to find anything of much value either. The airboat is a scraped together mess of wreckage, belts, and pulleys. If the owners are not present the airboat is not there IC.
    • Region: The Warheap
    • Rules & Permissions: Don't break anything. If you roleplay stealing or damaging anything give me a heads up, preferably ahead of time. I will make the necessary changes to reflect the aftermath myself.

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  10. Spice

    Spice Optimist

    • Name: Monticello
    • Owner(s): Inkblot
    • Description: A tiny abode made of stone and wood perched on a mound of relatively fertile soil. Despite it's miniature size, there are several entrances and exits. The windows, if they are reached, can all be opened, and the door is also unlocked. However, the owner, a bit of a paranoiac, has installed light-activating camouflaged tripwires in a perimeter around the premises, a camouflaged security camera, and the front door seems strangely disconcerting as a method of entry.
    • Region: The Green Expanse, just before Camp Castor.
    • Rules & Permissions: You are at liberty to attempt to break into the place at any time, provided that you notify me before you do. I assure you, I welcome it and even encourage it.
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  11. Spice

    Spice Optimist

    • Name: Hacienda de Dope
    • Owner(s): Kraven
    • Description: A cavern in the west face of the mountain near the Warheap filled with some belongings strewn about carelessly inside. There's a wash bucket, a garbage bag, and three grit-logged crates with some scrap, parts, and fuel, presumably for the hoverbike that is often parked on the platform outside.
    • Region: A mountain in the same region as the Warheap.
    • Rules & Permissions: (( Same as above )) You are at liberty to attempt to break into the place at any time or to try to steal things, provided that you notify me before you do. I assure you, I welcome it and even encourage it.
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  12. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    My previous post regarding ownership of a lil house has been changed to reflect the owner's passing. In other words, it's not really being owned anymore.
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