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Triton's Contract with the Peoples of Olympus

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Punished Tacc, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. Punished Tacc

    Punished Tacc New Member

    All beings within Triton territory have certain natural, inalienable rights no matter their species, race, gender, age or sexuality. These rights include the freedom of speech and press; the right to keep and bear firearms and blades; the right to be secure in their property, papers, person and effects.

    In order to be awarded these rights, and to accept Triton's promise to uphold these rights, individuals must sign this contract. At which time, the party will be officially recognized as a citizen under the Triton Territories, and receive all the privileges and rights being a citizen awards. They will be issued an identification card.***

    Those who sign this contract, and thus become citizens of the Triton Territories, will be awarded the following inalienable rights;

    1. The right to life, liberty and security of person
    2. The right to not be discriminated against for race, gender, age, sex, creed etc
    3. The right to keep and bear firearms and blades
    4. The right to be secure in property, papers, person and effects
    5. The right to purchase and sell property
    6. The right to freedom of speech and press
    7. The right to freedom of movement

    Subject to change.

    ***See bottom for non-citizens

    Laws and Acts of the City of Olympus and Triton Territories:

    Capital offenses:

    Capital offenses are the most severe of felonies that can mean the death sentence. However, they may not always be sentenced with death. Exile, prison time, fines and other punishments may result.

    - Murder
    1st degree - The premeditated killing of another.
    2nd degree - The unplanned, intentional killing of another that is not justified.

    - Rape - Forcing sexual actions upon another.

    - Terrorism - Any act of violence taken against the state or it's citizenry to invoke political terror

    - Piracy -
    The illicit seizure of intellectual property or goods in transport, through violent or coercive means

    - Exposure to deadly disease -
    Subjecting the state or it's citizenry to a foreign, deadly disease through intent or neglect

    - Prison flight - The unlawful exit of authorized prison facilities

    - Torture - Holding an individual against their will and subjecting them to physical and/or psychological violence


    Felonies are major crimes that are separated into two distinct classes, A and B. Class A felonies are violent crimes; class B are not. Individuals convicted of a Class A felony are barred from carrying firearms or larger-than-pocket sized blades unless successfully appealed. Felonies are punished with prison time, fines, exile, community service or other punishments.

    Class A Felonies:

    - Attempted murder

    - Robbery

    - Aggravated Battery - A battery where.. a severe injury is inflicted; a deadly weapon is in use; or there is intent to kill.

    - Arson

    - Kidnapping

    - Extortion

    - Sentient trafficking - Participating in a pattern of behavior in which a victim believes they will be harmed if they do not consent to being held against their will, forced to work, and so on outside of legal contract.

    - Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Assault with a firearm, blade, or other deadly weapon.

    - Conspiracy to Commit - Actively planning, preparing, or engaging others to commit a criminal act

    Class B Felonies:

    - Burglary - Forcing entry to a structure or vehicle with the intent of committing a crime, such as theft.

    - Grand Larceny - Theft of an item valued over 1,000 pixels.

    - Impersonation - Impersonation of Triton employees or law enforcement.

    - Animal cruelty

    - Actively resisting law enforcement

    - Breach of contract

    Misdemeanor offenses:

    Misdemeanors are light offenses that may include community service, jail time or fines as punishment. In severe cases or repeated actions, they may be exiled for a period of time.

    - Assault - Threatening harm upon another.

    - Battery - Striking another or causing injury.

    - Vandalism

    - Petty Larceny - Theft of an item under 1,000 pixels.

    - Forgery

    - Identity theft

    - Trespassing

    - Stalking

    - Evasion of law enforcement

    - Disturbing the Peace

    - Public Indecency


    - Conspiracy
    (scales between crime) - An agreement between two to commit a crime in the future.

    - Aiding and Abetting - Assisting another in committing a crime. May carry the same sentence as the actual offense.


    Law enforcement - Refers to the Olympus City Police Department and TSS agents. No foreign body may enforce laws within Triton Enterprises' territories.

    Severe injury - Any injury that may render one unconscious, break a bone, loss of function of limbs, limb loss entirely, and so forth.

    Violation of Triton's Contract with the Peoples of Olympus:

    Any party found to be in violation of any of the terms of this contract between Triton and the Peoples of Olympus, wherein fundamental rights are awarded to law abiding citizens, will be considered in breach of contract and any rights awarded herein this contract will be forfeit. Punishment for the offence will be reasonably and justly awarded in an efficient and timely manner, while taking into consideration the following; the severity of the offence, mitigating and aggravating factors of the party/parties involved and public interest.

    Non-Citizens in Olympus:

    Individuals who are on Olympus, though have not signed into this contract, are to be considered "non-citizens". Thus, to protect the fundamental rights awarded to all Sentient Beings in the Triton Territories, entering the Triton Territories constitutes an acceptance of the offer of the following basic rights, in exchange for respecting and abiding by the laws of the Triton Territories;

    1. The right to life, and security of person
    2. The right to not be discriminated against based upon age, race, gender, sex, creed, etc
    3. The right to mobility
    4. The right to information regarding this contract
    5. The right to keep and bear firearms and blades
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  2. Venom

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    Updated to reflect the current contract with the good people of our territories.
  3. Punished Tacc

    Punished Tacc New Member

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