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The History of The Shizukesa Clan

Discussion in 'Shizukesa Clan' started by Krug, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Krug

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    The Shizukesa Clan is a powerful group of Hylotl merchants and business people that uses diplomatic means to achieve their goals. They were cut off from the homeworld during the invasion. With trade routes and communications with the main branch cut off during the war, they were forced to deal with local corporations who took advantage of the situation to sell staple goods at inflated prices. The clan did not have the land or manpower necessary to produce all that they needed, so they were forced to accept. Communications were eventually established with the main branch of the Hylotl Government, but by then the Clan was in deep debt, forced to release their holdings and resettle elsewhere.

    The decision to settle on the frontier was one contested by many members of the Clan, especially those in positions of power, but with overwhelming crowd support and several key members backing the change, The Shizukesa moved to the frontier and formed The Shizukesa Shogunate.

    The primary purpose of the Shizukesa Shogunate is to increase the influence of the Clan and Hylotl as a whole, especially in uncivilized space. To achieve this, the Shizukesa plan to use diplomacy and trade rather than military might. One of their main strategies being to either produce goods and sell them to the frontier’s inhabitants, as well as using their preexisting connections with large conglomerates to purchase goods in bulk at a sizable discount and sell them to the frontier. The Shogunate’s main export would be foodstuffs. Livestock and grown foods as well as lard and butter.

    The Shogunate possesses a small military of just under 50 used almost exclusively as a defensive reactionary force and to keep the peace on their territory, as well as to escort dignitaries.

    Currently, The Shizukesa Shogunate (sometimes called The Shi) are attempting to establish positive relations with wealthy and influential members of the frontier community.
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