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The Council

Discussion in 'Announcements and Information' started by Angre, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Alaystus

    Alaystus Resident Art Bum Staff Member

  2. Avis

    Avis Halloweenie of the Serengeti

    Yep. Council exists IC, but the part players interact with has yet to be set up. Hopefully we'll have a shiny new forum for it soon.
  3. Awe

    Awe Gotta go fast!

  4. Can we hate on the council for not having a grounded seat?
  5. Rezima

    Rezima New Member

    It is encouraged
  6. Avis

    Avis Halloweenie of the Serengeti

    This contract is sealed
  7. Runix

    Runix New Member

    Would the council have existed before Antares became a part of it? Or was it founded here? And if so, how big a thing would it have been before Antares joined?
  8. Rezima

    Rezima New Member

    Sort of, it was founded a few months prior to the tentacle invasion in the frontier, which likely wouldn't have heard of it unless they were actively seeking it out. They were very much in the space boonies, no real method of communication with core space. It's likely why no one in the sector was aware of the tentacle threat until it was too late.
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