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The Council

Discussion in 'Announcements and Information' started by Angre, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Yotan

    Yotan New Member

    Or the lack there of.
  2. Wreth

    Wreth New Member

    I think the point you are missing Yotan is that in a roleplay server WE are the ones to create the plot. The lore is basically just a setting and basic background.
  3. Doctor Frohman

    Doctor Frohman New Member

    We don't need to know the exact /how/ of everything man. They're supposed to be a mysterious doom creature. Make assumptions or guesses IC.
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  4. Yotan

    Yotan New Member

    I have no issue with them being mysterious doom creatures. I just like to know more but after my last long post. I can live with them being mysterious However something that massive would definitely be seen. Specially when they are capable of consuming planets, one can only assume them to be massive enough to do so.

    Hell I am sure that even a supernova would light up every radar, scan, or instrument in the sector. So a massive organic (we'll say mass) creeping nearly the size of plants should be lighting up consoles.

    I'm sorry I am not one for taking all justification as, "Hey it's sciences." Or "Hey, it's magic." In case of fantasy RP's. Cause that adds nothing to rp and only adds more issues. Like a badge, tattoo, gem,or what ever in fantasy rp being used as some sort of magical communication device.

    I don't think it is unfair to wanting to know more.
  5. Toadkid1234

    Toadkid1234 New Member

    Just be content with not knowing the explanation, like we all have with basically everything Starbound has thrown at us: Erchius, FTL, etc.
  6. Yotan

    Yotan New Member

    Yeah Antares is DOOMED!
  7. Kirby teh Pink

    Kirby teh Pink Puts the Coo in Cool

    They came through the gates.
  8. Tallen

    Tallen New Member


    Space is so fucking huge even something as ginormous as planet-raping tentacles are mere specks of dust that actually can go undetected for months because who the fuck would have radars that fucking far-reaching?
  9. Rezima

    Rezima New Member

    Also they did cover that with the reapers, they just came in so quickly that no one had time to react. The opening of the third game starts up with "we just lost contact with pluto, we fear the worst" And then you are getting attacked less than minutes later, they were just THAT fast.

    Same with these, they came through the magic space gates that have tentacles all over them.
  10. Kazyyk

    Kazyyk Administrator

    Any canon updates will be released through official channels, ie: announcements or lore page updates when we get those written down.
    This is the only medium of lore update that should be considered canon as individual responses from Staff to lore questions may vary.
  11. Cassidy

    Cassidy The Strudel

    So, I might be blind but are there set law-laws?
  12. Punished Tacc

    Punished Tacc New Member

    It's basically Federal Laws and State Laws. Federal= the council laws listed and state laws are whatever the colony's themselves want to put forth.

    EX: Council has no laws against drugs. A colony may prohibit them. Olympus does not.
  13. Cassidy

    Cassidy The Strudel

    dat shameless advertising ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. Wreth

    Wreth New Member

    So are we on the frontline between Council space and Tentacle land? Can we have tentacle attacks as events and stuff?
  15. DartyGooblin

    DartyGooblin New Member

    So if a group of corporations laid claim to their planets as colonies each or all could impose their own "state laws"
  16. Yotan

    Yotan New Member

    I must have missed that bit of information on the Reapers in ME3 probably due to all the attack when the reapers hit.

    Thank you Rezima that make sense now how the tentacle beast came, a blitzkrieg tactic. That was all I was asking is in to Antares without being spotted. It wasn't stated in the orginal post.

    I am sorry if people have been a little irriated with me and my constant bombardment of questions but I am not on to just blindly go in to things without asking questions. That is just plain stupid. I am sorry that it upset people to ask questions but, I do my reasearch, I look for things. I get all the information I can so my character and in RL, I personally know how to respond or deal with a situation.

    But again thank you Rezima.
  17. Avis

    Avis Halloweenie of the Serengeti

    Tentacles aren't necessarily super fast, but I do like the gate idea. If I were to suggest an idea, it would be that Antares, with its horribly backwards technology, wouldn't notice until the tentacles were just a few planets over.
  18. Punished Tacc

    Punished Tacc New Member

    I suggest spores, flung through space that hit planets and infect them. That way it can happen to anyone and it can happen anywhere.
  19. Alaystus

    Alaystus Resident Art Bum Staff Member

    So uh, did we reset yet then? I must have missed it if we did.
  20. Angre

    Angre Majestic Penguin

    Yep, we did. Reset Wednesday of last week.
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