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Private TFA Armoury

Discussion in 'Records and Data' started by Menacing Melon, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Z-5.56: Standard assault rifle, takes 5.56 rounds. Average recoil, Average rate of fire, good accuracy. Fitted with an integrated red dot sight. Uses 30 round magazines, very flexible and can use many attachments without a problem. Favoured among the TFA as the base rifle for agents from it's flexibility, simplicity, and reliability.

    Z-9: PDW for close quarters combat scenarios, covert operations, and concelability. Uses 9mm parabellum munitions in 20 round magazines. High recoil and very high rate of fire. Not reliable in medium-long range combat, although very reliable in close range combat.

    T12G: 12 Gauge shotgun for extreme close quaters and breaching. Supports up to 8 cartridges when fully loaded, and is pump action. Reliable from it's simplistic and easy to use pump action, the T12G is used typically in breaching missions.

    H4T3 'HATE': Powerful 50 caliber sniper rifle capable of tearing through all but the strongest armour. Is fitted with a powerful variable scop and it also sports an 8 round magazine. It comes with a detachable bipod for stability. Used for many missions that require hidden support, recommended to set up the rifle before firing as it's large cartidge comes with large recoil, naturally.

    Z-9P: The standard handgun of TFA, takes 9mm parabellum ammo, has a 12 round magazine, and a fairly small size. It also has generally good range and accuracy as a handgun, so it is generally used with CQC operatives as reliable longer range option.
    Z-5.56: X8
    Z-9: X4
    T12G: X4
    H4T3: X2
    Z-9P: X5
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