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TD's Art Thread! [Do not request here.]

Discussion in 'Art & Graphics' started by Kai, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Kai

    Kai hey im kai and this is jackass

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    'Ey, folks! I'm TD! I'm a hobbyist at best when it comes to the art world, and I've been drawin since I was 3!
    I'll be posting mostly Starbound related art here! I hope ye guys enjoy your stay!

    You can check out my other arts on my art blog or my weasyl!

    Interested in art of your characters? I take commissions! Be sure to read my Terms of Service!
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    My commissions sheet! Warning, it's a pretty big image!
    (Bonus! If you commission me for StarboundRP characters, I will put a portion of the funds into a pool for donating to this server!)

    Please do not ask for requests on my art thread, wait for me to open a request thread.
    Please keep any images you attach in quotes/links.


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  2. Kai

    Kai hey im kai and this is jackass


    A photo of Shaun's family! Probably all dead.
    Edit: The before version.
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  3. Jay

    Jay New Member

    lol. this is adorable.
  4. Kai

    Kai hey im kai and this is jackass

    Hail oranges. Forever.
  5. but I like watermelon...
  6. Kai

    Kai hey im kai and this is jackass

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    Random sketches for Commander, Ashe and Joshua!
    Up next is probably Valor, Dirt-Biter and Petaldancer !

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  7. Kai

    Kai hey im kai and this is jackass

    upside of rping with me: hella amount of draws
  8. Leschinsky

    Leschinsky Bohemic Tendencies

    Perfect faces for those guys; 10 Pulpy Citrus out of 10.
  9. Valor

    Valor New Member

    Yeah, seriously. Josh looks so annoyed, like touching the pink will turn him into a fairy or unicorn or something.
  10. CouchPotato360

    CouchPotato360 Last Man Standing

    Oh my God.. it's.. beautiful..
  11. Aiko Ikari

    Aiko Ikari Guest

    Glorious, super Glorious
  12. Pixel

    Pixel Captain Amurica


    Psst.. Draw tarl in his jeep yelling "clear the road, carrot" to firedrinker :D
  13. Punished Tacc

    Punished Tacc New Member


    Ashe has so many angry quotes, this one works best though. Job well done!
  14. Awe

    Awe Gotta go fast!

    Hm I should RP outside Mattis more*, maybe I'll qualify for a neat doodle.

    (*Brb getting my cybernetic leg ASAP)
  15. Kai

    Kai hey im kai and this is jackass

    I read neat doodle as meat noodle and I was like wow how do I get one of those.
  16. Kai

    Kai hey im kai and this is jackass

  17. Awe

    Awe Gotta go fast!

    What have I done
  18. Valor

    Valor New Member

  19. Kai

    Kai hey im kai and this is jackass

  20. Valor

    Valor New Member

    Thank you for giving my character more things to remember. D:
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