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Should I?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Noah Campbell, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Doctor Frohman

    Doctor Frohman New Member

    I was thirteen when you RPed on Noah.
  2. Toadkid1234

    Toadkid1234 New Member

    I dont think this has anything to do with physical age. Age and maturity are two entirely different things. I know and are friends with some very insightful and intelligent teens, while on the other hand there are quite a few elderly people who still argue over the most trivial of matters. Internet-based forums such as this remove any false impressions of personal character and maturity based on physical appearance, so the only way to judge someone's maturity (and rightly so) is by observing their behavior. Let's keep it that way.

    Age should not raise or lower expectations. Don't use it to make an ad hominem argument, it only makes you look silly.

    Now, Noah does make a fair point. We should not be so quick to pounce on someone for their mistakes or inexperience. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Those of us who have experience, knowledge or input on a subject should make the attempt to help and guide those without. I've seen a bit of hostility toward new ideas and inexperienced roleplayers, and I think we should take a different approach than saying "no ur wrong gtfo no one likes ur ideas".
  3. Shagadelic

    Shagadelic t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

    You guys sure dislike Galaxy citizen. :confused:
  4. Arcticil

    Arcticil Toxic Top Soldier

    is it possible that my 2nd favorite erper is about to make his grand return?????? i sure hope so lmao

    oh wow then i read the thread and i'm slightly disappointed. oh well, good luck on your journey pal.
  5. Keycross

    Keycross -Insert title here-

    Noah, you are in control of your decisions, and as such, either return to give Antares another go or stay in the server you are playing, but tossing a ball around stating how great is your community/server and discussing past problems isn't a good welcome card.

    You can return at your own leisure, and keep in mind report section can be used either from other players if they have proof there's any issue with your characters and if you feel chased, gather proof then report it-just stop fumbling the ball around. Contacting staff to solve doubts can be done, too.
  6. Keycross

    Keycross -Insert title here-

    Checked again some posts, and I missed something which I should have mentioned, not only for this case, but generally.

    Toadkid, I agree with it. But he have a case here of a player, which I can't speak regarding his characters other than seen in forums because I never (or parctically never) interacted with him, but I have seen the behaviour in the past and present. Last time he posted, his attitude was similar. And if last time nothing came out of it, I don't know why keeping same one will help at all.

    A player deserves to receive help without hostility? Absolutely. I don't support hostile approaches, but there are players that get dissappointed when someone hits the same wall again and they can't believe said player to change, depending on each person and how many times there have been promises. Therefore, different opinions. As long they don't devolve into personal attacks and/or flame wars, everyone has his/her right to raise it, even if it's blunt.
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