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Regarding Griefing, OOC and Player Permission

Discussion in 'Announcements and Information' started by Smokestack, Dec 5, 2015.

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  1. Smokestack

    Smokestack Bird man with a bird plan

    Now, it's come to my attention that there's a growing issue of players not following Antares procedure. The reason we do things a certain way is to make sure that roleplay is a fun experience and fair experience for all those involved. We cannot accomplish this if players are tampering with another player's colony, building, and character without their permission.

    A lot of players are new and may come from different servers or roleplay experiences. I understand this. But please understand that we have rules. And here's a main rule that should go without saying:
    Roleplay requires the consent between two people. The actor and the person the act is done on.
    I'm looking at recent incidents. Players acting on colonies doing major actions without the colony owners permission. This is against the rules. These prohibited actions include the following:
    • Destroying planet terrain without a colony owner's permission.
    • Building on a colony planet without a colony owner's permission.
    • Destroying a colony planet or part of a colony planet without a colony owner's permission.
    • Griefing in general.
    It upsets me to hear about these incidents. We have a standard to uphold and I know that as a community we are the best of roleplayers, so please try to refrain from such actions. Remember:

    Last issue. OOC. Cut it out. The server has a whisper function. Type in "/w PLAYERNAME" and you'll be able to speak with the player you want without disrupting roleplay. That's the thing. Excessive OOC disrupts roleplay. Even with the enlarged chatbox mod, constant OOC will do nothing but ruin the roleplay experience for others. So please either refrain from OOC and use the whisper function.

    Everyone who follows the rules, keep it up.

    Oh, and I keep track of who breaks the rules. If these behaviors continue to persist in equal or greater amount, I'll have to take action. But, like, don't take that as a threat. It's just what needs to be done to maintain server quality.

    Have a good one, pallies.
Thread Status:
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