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Discussion in 'Fernbrook Field' started by Leschinsky, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. MamaRay

    MamaRay New Member

    A piece of light colored, rainbow gradient parchment is affixed to the bottom of the original rainbow gradient advertisement, the colors matching up perfectly.

    "Lady Raybina Primfeather and Lord Zephyr TinkerToy of Refract Valley are looking to hire a part time bodyguard and caretaker for their young ward, MairiAnna TinkerToy. This body guard will be working with Miss Primfeather and Mister TinkerToy closely, along with their current part time caretaker, Tetsaiga Omiguru. They will be expected to follow protocol in caretaking Miss TinkerToy. They will be expected to read some required material, and they will have to go through a background check.

    Though it may be a rather strenuous application process, this is a rather lucrative job opportunity. Salary is completely negotiable. Please contact either TinkerZephyr256@Starnet.com or MamaRay@starnet.com for more information. "

    ((MamaRay or MairiAnna))
  2. CrypticFluff

    CrypticFluff chupacabra in disguise

    Among many fliers of different natures, a single,
    wrinkled paper stands out.


    No offense to this guy, but
    you feel like this is the least appealing
    proposal you have received in your lif-

    Hold it.


    Seems Mr. Honko knows how to advertise himself, huh.
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  3. ThunderFenix

    ThunderFenix New Member

    A white piece of paper was rudely stapled onto the board, with thick, all capital letters that read:

    "Need guns?
    Need a bodyguard?
    Need a bodyguard FOR your guns?
    Call me."


    Followed by a Starnet email address.
  4. Rexxian

    Rexxian Scavenger Extraordinare

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