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Approved Poppy the Poptop

Discussion in 'Character Questions' started by Liraxus, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    (Yes I'm using official concept artwork, this is because the ingame sprites don't show enough detail..)

    Poppy is a Poptop with a grayish top and relatively normal appearnace to his species. Only notable differences of this little fellow is its off-tune whistling, which can sometimes make its songs sound a little off-putting. Poppy is tamed by Barkmuncher, and refuses to chew into any person other than its Floran owner, unless under stress or fear.

    Poppy treats Barkmuncher more like a chew toy than anything, years of gnawing at its masters arms have caused it to be relatively lax to others, knowing it will be able to retrn to its owner to continue its joyous chewing session has simply removed Poppy's wish to playfully bite into anyone it takes a liking to.

    Poppy is curious and adventurous, which can lead it into trouble, and will usually pull out its small, adorable dot-like eyes to persuade people to do its bidding, something it learned from being around its easy to please master.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them, this was made at 2:45 so I'm kind of out of it...​
  2. Reconus

    Reconus Moderator Staff Member

    Finally got around to this. Phew.

    I've seen you use it before and such and trust you enough with the blighter.
    Especially not to have it grow quickly and quite literally eat people.

    Noted and verified.
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