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Operation Datalogs

Discussion in 'Character Journals' started by Liraxus, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    ((Anyone with access to Lars' computer will be able to read these.))

    Well, that was an interesting experience. In an effort to get to know some local folk, I amassed quite a party over just two large two-topping pizzas, that's relatively impressive in my books, the poor Avian who goes by Black Bird was so desperate for some real food, it speaks loudly for how needy some of the folk in this sector are for normal nourishment.

    My time in the core sectors taught me a lot of things, one important thing is to always be fearful of those with weaponry, another is to be fearful of those with untrustworthy looks. I think I broke most of those rules today, and so far I've come out fine, it's fascinating that the way of life in this sector is drastically changed from mine just after a few hours of FTL travel.

    Most of the folks at my party were human. One is named Rodrick, another is named Gillian, and a girl named Sarah who'm I had recently contacted for questioning on the history of the sector that Starnet simply cannot supply. From what she's told me, I can't exactly blame her for bringing a weapon onboard, at the very least, Osiris didn't seem to notice it. The Avian was an interesting one, she sat herself on the floor with little care, she seemed to have trouble eating the pizza considering her beak, it was humorous to watch, however!

    It appears some folks have some sense of friendliness with eachother, the 4 of them were surprisingly kind to me despite the threat of my ship being a death trap, and they all seemed greatful to be able to have some real food for once. I shouldn't let this change my view on the sector, but after such a relatively peaceful party, I'm not as hesitant to really see any of the colonies that could unfold in the fringe.

    --Lars Cythrus, AlphaWolf.
    Dated 8/12/2416
  2. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    Maybe it was just a sign to give up on my efforts, or simply a warning from God, Kluex, whatever the other races believe in...but today, a Ship came crashing down onto this little planet, rocking the water and effectively washing away all of my efforts into the deep dark ocean, just like that, I saw almost half of my allowances over the past couple of weeks sink right into the ocean. Easily the worst timeline, I tried to get everything back together from what I could salvage, but considering all I found was a few water damaged tarps and a single picnic table, coupled with a few angry locals pointing fingers at me for a supposed "attack", I just hightailed it out of there before things went south.

    So, back to square one, I'm in my ship during a supposed drifter saga, I just received my next allowance from my oblivious father, and I'm patiently waiting for a potential employer to call me. I've also succeeded in updating Osiris so that he can work with Starnet's chat interface, although some prick named Skarti online decided to try and screw around with my hard work. Either way, Osiris remains unaffected, though sometimes, I do wonder if he actually does...well, never mind, that's dangerous talk, I wouldn't exactly release Osiris like that without disabling his self defense protocols, although a part of me has been thinking that once I find the money to afford nonlethal defenses, I can uninstall the laser in Osiris to add a more...expressive optic. Something that can potentially make him "Blink", or appear joyful based on how much 'excitement' his voice module synthesizes. It may seem weird, but I think it would at least make people more comfortable around a robot model few people ever see. I did modify him to be easy to approach.

    Anyways, I need to finish scheduling the raid for tonight. Wipe city, here we come!

    --Lars Cythrus, Alphawolf.
    Dated 9/1/2416
  3. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    I've found a missing link, some kind of oddity that I never expected. I had figured that Omnicomputers would have some presence out here, but I've ran into an oddity I never would have expected. This robot, I don't know if it was a modified DSS unit. Perhaps someone went and made their own modifications, similar to how I have been updating and modifying Osiris to be more of a social assistant than actual defense...no, the Porcelain used for the head piece appears way too accurate to be a custom modification.

    The disturbing feature was its command front, I demanded its model and name, and all he could give was "Dale", I tried to ask it basic questions before the barkeep got impatient at my constant demands. Osiris was updating at the time, so I didn't exactly have him to back me up in the conversation, nor could I really tell him much of why this "Dale" bothered me so much.

    I digress, I've finally found two small pieces of porcelain that should fit inside of the motors I had installed, god do I hate working on small parts. I digress, however, from what I recall, the robot had said that people have tried to come after him before. This robot has a history, one that I'm sure will lead to trouble, and I don't want more of my father-in-law's company to have presence in this edge of space.

    For now, I will keep watch of the robot, make sure nothing happens with it, or it does anything that could get more trouble to show up. This robot is far too well made, did I miss something while touring the factories, maybe there's a page on it somewhere on Starnet...I don't know.

    --Lars Cythrus, Alphawolf.
    Dated 9/XX/2416
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  4. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    Well, my sister is here.

    I'm sure she's already touched everything with her vile fingers, save for Osiris, who won't stay a few feet from her, she's annoying, but hey, she's family...

    Now if only she can stop calling me Lani, I haven't used my name in years, it's always been Lars for me, but for whatever reason she's always so obsessed with learning more and more about her original culture, that Hawaiian stuff. Our parents, our REAL parents were Hawaiian, but all I could find about us is that our ancestors lived on an island, and did some kind of ritual to appease...something, regrettable, but not important. She was able to come up with a fib like me to get away from Atlas and Mom, now she's sitting on the floor with a stick and a stone.

    She's trying to make a spear, I can offer to buy her another pistol, but for whatever reason, she insists on just having me pay for her accommodations and food, that's it, I guess she's really that thankful for me opening my steel box to her.

    I digress, I'm not sharing a bed with her tonight, especially with her walking around the ship barefoot, having a roomba suddenly feels like a proper investment.

    I'm now off to get a sleeping bag, I'm sure the Ranch sells them for a good price, or maybe Refract Valley, I heard that a few Novakid tend to flock there.

    --Lars Cythrus, Alphawolf
    Dated 11/26/2416
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  5. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    Boy, quite a bit has happened, 30 days since my last entry, regrettable.

    I'm finally beginning to work at Smoke's shop, income is arriving, and my back is aching, I assume these are all signs that I have an honest job earned than one given, though I am still an apprentice, I'm hoping I can continue to make some good pay in the distant future.

    For now, I'm working on what Smoke calls Project Citizen, a basic robot with a humanoid chassis with the focus of medical assistance...or something, this job is like the endless pit of M'akra in Fantasy Planet, so many fucking details, screw up one, and it's fucked.

    I should also add that I met a cute Novakid named Mairi, we had a sleepover, which was nice.(Save for the condensation), and Okalani seems fine with her, so who knows, maybe I'll ask her out on a date in the future?

    Anyways, this entry is just minor thoughts on the situation, I'm guessing I should mention that my sister has already set up a shop in Fernbrook, and seems to be enjoying the place. I might settle down in Refract, a lot of people are complaining about the brightness, but I've been in front of a computer screen all of my life, so it doesn't bother me.

    --Lars Cythrus, Alphawolf
    Dated 12/16/2416
  6. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    Bravo, Lars, you have achieved the goal of acquiring a girlfriend. You get 100SNP.

    Jokes aside, this has been an odd experience, of all the people I expected to grow an attachment to, I was surprised I had joined such a thing with Mairi Tinkertoy. Still, this has been an...experience, Mairi is identified with some terrible form of mis-branding that has lead her to be special. I mean that in both the good and bad ways, on one hand, she has trouble understanding certain concepts, and will sometimes suffer from forms on miscommunication, Zephyr at the very least helped me to know when this form of miscommunication occurs, so hopefully that will assist in trying to keep Mairi happy. On the good side, Mairi is very talented, easily one of the most talented ladies I've met in this part of space. She knows architecture, stitching, and so much more.

    Another thing to note is that Mairi seems to have some sort of depression, as someone who once went through such a thing, I can not only sympathize with her, but try and assist her as a good boyfriend should. For now, I'll continue my job at the questionably legal Smoke's Stop, and assist Mairi when she needs it.

    --Lars Cythrus, Alphawolf
    Dated 12/29/2416


    Okalani is going to have to be put on food watch, I think she's trying to get over her eating disorder, but she kind of...overdid it. I really wish my father installed a toilet of all things on this damned ship.
  7. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    I would be lying if I said I was expecting the current events to unravel. To save time writing, I'll just be quick in explaining that Mairi's legal owner, Raybina, has offered me a job once I do another round of college.

    This reminds me of when I was growing up, I find it unfair that while Okalani was messing around in the kitchen, or just out having fun, I was studying to seek my love of electronics. You think she would be in my shoes now, but I digress. I remember when Atlas came around, and how him and my mother married within only a months time. I was young, naive, and never expected things to go down such a twisted spiral into what can only be called a white hell. "Father" seemed nice at first, he showed me all of his company's work, Omnicomputer(Or Omnitech, the original name), a rather large player in the robotics industry, and I was the son-in-law of the owner. I wanted to do robotics, I adored robotics.

    And I left it all, once mother changed.

    I miss her, I truly do, but one day, it seemed like she had become a slave to him, doing as he wished, even permitting him to punish us in ways we didn't do anything wrongful to earn such a dishonor. Her shocking change is why I have this...thing in my arm, he installed it when I didn't want it, and I will never forgive him for that. The pain...well, that doesn't go away so easily.

    Okalani was given a strict diet, very strict, she ate a very specific course so she would be fit and lean, but it almost made her like a stick or something, she wasn't strong, she hardly had a stomach at all, it was disheartening to see the overweight sister I knew go from about 180 to 150.

    I've gone on long enough, I'm writing this for me to look back and remember what I have now, what me and Okalani have now. I can only hope that this can continue before the inevitable comes.

    God help us, please don't find us.

    --Lars Cythrus, Alphawolf

    Dated 1/10/2417

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