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My Last Wagon [Mucklurk]

Discussion in 'Character Discussion' started by DirtyGoblin, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. DirtyGoblin

    DirtyGoblin Guest

    This one is legit serious because I'm a bit serious. Criticisms and such on Mucklurk the Not!Floran. Feel free to rage about the failed MuckTooth swarm fir those who recall.
  2. Sen

    Sen Guest

    mucklurk did not rub plant boobies against other boobies

    good in my books
  3. Spinach Pirate

    Spinach Pirate The Adorable Spinach

    from what little i know of mucklurk, i think the only thing bad about him is possible canon breaking
  4. Sen

    Sen Guest

    some creative liberty is fine

    unless you abuse it to fuel your male power fantasy (which the muckswarm, at least in inception, did not)
  5. DirtyGoblin

    DirtyGoblin Guest

    I'm more concerned with the negatives. As in, what aspects need to not be repeated should I continue him or kill him off and rock another character with similar personality traits.

    TL;DR shit on him so i dont step in it later.
  6. Finestein Goodlad

    Finestein Goodlad Wizard Mod

    You don't roleplay him enough.
  7. Malachar

    Malachar Heir to Madness

    I don't always agree with Finnstein, but when I do, I do it hard. shutup i can ripoff a meme if i want to

    More spurgle!

    Mucklurk was always a joy to interact with, even if the IC opinions said diferently.
  8. Doctor Frohman

    Doctor Frohman New Member

    You did an amazing job with Mucklurk.
    I never really did experience what the whole problem was with the MuckTooths, what was that about?
  9. Twitch

    Twitch Wayward Star

    That damn totem. What was that phase you went through when all of your weirdo characters carried giant totems.
  10. DirtyGoblin

    DirtyGoblin Guest

    The phase where i found the skulls and flesh for guns. :)
  11. FireDrinker

    FireDrinker Beware, I live!

    The Spurgle cut to close to a custom race for my tastes. It also lacked clearly defined downsides for what was presumably an infectious disease, besides ugliness maybe? Presumably the tradeoff was that they were spreading something deadly for everyone else, but you know, when you're pretty much antagonistic to much of the galaxy that's still kind of infected with awesome.
  12. DirtyGoblin

    DirtyGoblin Guest

    The deadliness came later on I admit. Around the time when Alioth Prime folks agreed to tie in the spurgle to the deadly spore there. I guess the biggest downside was the reliance on the spore infesting the floran, and the extreme aversion to light, to the point where it caused massive amounts of pain. Although I'll be honest and say that the only consequences that gave us was being shunned by the shunned folk of TF, and having to find hidey holes whenever the sun came out. Being limited to places that were moist and dark was there also. It was assumed that most infested wouldn't last long on desert planets, or places like LM where it rains firey coals, unless they had somewhere dank and moist, which usually lead to sewers >_>

    Biggest consequence really, was the RP pigeonholing to certain areas, and just general mobility. But I can definately see the issue where carrying a deadly infestation, and not suffering for it, isn't very fair. At the same time, we never really set out to infect npcs or other players, outside of other Florans. For the longest time one of the main goals, was to get numbers, and prepare to hunt down and enslave Agrarans, to harvest them for moar spores.
  13. TAP123

    TAP123 New Member

    I could appreciate Mucklurk as a character by himself. Don't really understand why people like him, and I've been kind of worrying about whether or not people metagamed by having their characters like them when, in reality, befriending a fungal infected floran who's essentially crazy and spreads infectious spore and spurgle spawn does not make any sense.

    When it went from an individual character to a faction, that's when things got absurd. Really, people curved their roleplay to accept the floran spawn group, but their disposition towards other groups varied greatly. In this sense, take this as a critique of your character as well as the people who interacted with him.

    There could have been a lot more that could have been done, I'm thinking if this Mucklurk spawn group took another direction and instead of gaining so much support from Tetanus fields (having reign over the sewers, etc.) if there was a big clensing floran hunt, that would have provided some interesting roleplay that stayed within realistic bounds.
  14. Malachar

    Malachar Heir to Madness

    "acceptance" Of mucklurk and the mucklings depends on which character you looked at.
    only like 10% of Tetanus' population were accepting, and they were given free reign over the sewers and also told to stay in there.

    And there was a big cleansing floran hunt, it was when Hawke firebombed the sewers[nobody ever found out it was him IC] killing the entire swarm, minus a few of the more mentally advanced mucklings. And Plhlegmgill.
  15. TAP123

    TAP123 New Member

    Good to know. For some reason talking to friends and hearing about the absurd comedic actions of the swarm aided in developing a negative perception of it in my mind. I didn't have much exposure on Tetanus Fields but going off what people were saying in the forums and ooc talk, it just didn't seem like a group that was real or... serious? Guess that's just first impressions for you.
  16. DirtyGoblin

    DirtyGoblin Guest

    The groups reputation shrivelled when Muppet Babies happenned. Before then it wasnt too bad. Sewers were a legit dangerous place. :)
  17. Twitch

    Twitch Wayward Star

    Mucklurk was what I consider to be a decent bending on in game materials into something unique for the sake of being unique. The mushrooms/spores/spurgle did nothing to make him stronger, faster or smarter. In fact it hindered him with his weakness to light. Later, it was written into the character that he could be killed by it as well. It gives the character good flavor as well as adds to the server side lore without forcing us to believe in something wholely outrageous.

    Just dont spam the radios.
  18. DirtyGoblin

    DirtyGoblin Guest


    I miss the Mucklurk-Traptooth screechfest.
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