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Approved Model A2 - 'Carpenter Series'

Discussion in 'Character Questions' started by Hipax, May 1, 2017.

  1. Hipax

    Hipax New Member

    The Model A2 is a form of synthetic being, maintained and created by 'Malignous Security Solutions, LTD.'. The corporation is a Privately-owned PMC, whom mostly keep to themselves, doing contracts in various Galaxies, mainly used for security, military small-operations, or other caliber jobs.

    The 'Carpenter Series' is an experiment in creating synthetic soldiers- Not meant to be super-strong killing machines, but more along the lines of believable synths who you'd swear were human. Rather then be some sort of futuristic super-monster, the Carpenter series is a investigation into more civilian and non-essential combat roles. Examining the structural integrity of Glitch, they looked at their design structure as a basis: The metals their body is made of, the protection and way that the wiring is made, as well as a look at how they behave. Creating these synthetic bodies, they found a way to use the material for Latex to create a plastic mold, closely resembling a human body. With a few adjustments to the mold, it is applied to the body, complete with artificial anatomy, to feel very close to human skin. Before the head is plastered, the brain of a deceased employee (Particular a medic, or other occupant) is wired to the chassis of the model to allow for a, in-terms, "revival". The brain is stimulated to remove the memories possessed by the subject. While wiring is finished, the brain was supposed to be have certain areas de-activated via over-stimulation, but was skipped over during proto-typing, causing subjects to be able to develop emotion/feeling. Head is plastered, training the synthetic in combat as it is prepared for readiness in the field/in deployment, given medical training or other occupational setup.

    There were only three carpenter units created - "Jonathan", a Male Human who was created to test the waters of the project as a "Pilot and Close-Quarters Specialist". The initial unit killed the lead scientist after the two other models were made, escaping from the facility at which they were housed and destroying the research they had on the Carpenter project. The other two units passed through the initial testing phase and were sent into active deployment as two units: "Sylvia", a medical combat unit meant to be used for on-deployment medical duties or to serve purpose as a Doctor when no others are available, followed by the final unit: "Rebecca", whom was made for stealth operations and assassinations, as well as interrogations. They each follow a unique personality, and are all wanted by the Corporation for damage done to their facilities and the murder of their fellow soldiers. Rebecca and Sylvia did not become aware of their father's involvement until they were sent together to hunt him down, in which he met them and showed them the truth of the Corporation's intentions. They evacuated their father, using the explosion of his ship to cover their hiding of him as they escaped, leaving their previous system. Due to the combat they've all seen over the years, they have a slightly higher-then-average payroll, and each posess a heightened sense of skill with firearms. After becoming accustomed to the feelings they have experienced, and due to all the violence they have been exposed to, they are now pacifists whenever possible, only acting in defense of themself or others that they consider valuable. They now reside amongst the Galaxy, hoping to find a new planet to call home as they lay-low from Malignous.
  2. Alaystus

    Alaystus Resident Art Bum Staff Member

    We've looked over your application and come to the conclusion that we cannot approve it just yet; we'd like to hear a bit more about your characters before we continue.

    Firstly, we would like a bit more explanation as to how the brains are properly preserved within the inorganic units, and secondly, we'd like you to clarify just how much Glitch influence these units have. Depending on the level of influence, it may require some revision in order to be acceptable. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Hipax

    Hipax New Member

    The brains are kept inside of a re-inforced metal chamber which is wired to a internal compartment on the unit and specced to the size of the head molded for the synthetic. This unit dispenses the proper oxygen, chemicals, etc. That allows the brain to function properly. The chamber is covered with the same fluid used in cloning Chambers to ensure the brain is in working condition regardless of other damage to the unit's internals. The big downside, of course, is that a bullet to the head is a lot more viable of a combat option, as breaching the chamber will drain the fluid, causing the unit's wiring to overload attempting to fill the chamber until it runs out of fluid, basically causing the brain to run out of fluid to preserve it and die out from lack of proper conditions.

    The influence from the glitch are more of a design way then anything. The glitch anatomy was studied extensively to figure out the best way that the wiring could be hidden without being exposed, as well as a good way to design the body for molding without being destroyed under extreme combat conditions and exposing the synthetic nature of the unit. They don't use the same technology, using Steel Alloy for the base of the body, only following the wiring based on concepts of the locations the wiring runs through to keep as little exposed as possible to allow for mobility and easy access to internal parts for repairs.
  4. Alaystus

    Alaystus Resident Art Bum Staff Member

    After a bit more review, I'm happy to announce that we've accepted your application. We were quite glad to hear the elaboration you'd provided about your characters and how they function, and it's satisfied us for the most part. However, there are a few concerns we'd like to address for you to think about as you play your characters.

    We understand that the science you're putting behind these characters is rather interesting and fun to imagine, but keep in mind that the labor you've put into your creation is an artwork that only you can truly appreciate. Others may not see what makes your characters as fascinating as you see them, even if you want them to. It's always better to let others inquire and learn about you rather than feeding them your story by hand. We see a good deal of character applications that focus too much on being unique in ways that don't make a whole lot of sense, and additionally do little to add anything substantial to our server's story. We don't want any characters to end up like this, hopefully just as much as you.

    We want everyone to be able to contribute and have fun in our community, and we want to see your characters be the best they can be - I know you won't let us down! So, good luck, and have fun!
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