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Discussion in 'Upside' started by Haplap, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    *This board is found just to the east of the teleporter in Upside. All postings in this thread, unless stated otherwise, are in character notes and messages stuck onto the board. Any and all are welcome to post in this thread, but the board will be monitored by Argus to prevent inappropriate messages from being posted long.*
    *The first note on the board! Posted by the mayor himself, no less.*

    Firstly, welcome to Upside's message board. Any and all are welcome to leave notes and reminders on the board for just about anything. After all, it's here for the convenience of the community. However, i'll be keeping an eye on it for you, just to make sure nothing too unsightly is left up.

    A few notices:
    • A storefront is still available to rent out and own a business within. Inquire to me online or catch me around Upside.
    • Both residences are open as well. Again, find me online or in person.
    • Upside may be expanding soon! Tell us what you would like to see.
    ~Argus Hemstreet
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  2. Cole Ombre

    Cole Ombre Lurking Admin

    *A tacked-up sheet of paper would appear on the board*

    Name's Cole, and I'm currently seeking a job.
    Experience in:

    Mechanical Engineering
    Basic Computer Science

    Contact me at COmbre@starmail.com!
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  3. War_Weazel

    War_Weazel New Member

    *A simple note is scribbled on scratch paper and tacked onto the board. It reads...*

    "Got a lot of 'work' that needs done. Looking for some
    'friends' who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty."


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  4. Meibethu-Chan

    Meibethu-Chan New Member

    *A note is scrawled on a piece of nice paper, held up by some sap on the back*

    Looking for Work!!
    Hello Gents! I go by the name of Chainsnap, and I'm a blacksmith by trade.
    Unfortunately, my former village was ruled by a tyrannical baron, who demanded
    high taxes in return for a very small plot of land. I was outraged by this, and thus
    I left under the cover of night to the baron's private teleported to his ship. Long story
    short, I stole the craft and I am now out of a job. If anybody requires a Glitch who knows his
    way around an anvil and hammer, contact me at Chainsnap@starmail.com.

  5. rainy

    rainy contains rain

    A beautiful pastel colored stationery is pinned upon the board with a cute animal sticker.


    Learn to draw the local animals and plants!

    Have you ever wanted to draw adorable animals and beautiful plants to impress your friends?
    Soon, you'll be able to! Just join me, Sherry, in a wonderful artistic journey!
    We'll take field trips, meet some animals, water plants, and sketch them while we're at it!
    Ask your parents to contact sherrydraws@starmail.com or give me a tap on the back when you see me around
    to sign up! I hope to see you soon!

  6. War_Weazel

    War_Weazel New Member

    *A neatly written note is tacked onto the board.*
    Marcus' General Store is now open!

    If it doesn't work, I'll fix it myself, sell you the parts, you buy it from you.
    I buy, sell and trade just about anything you can imagine!
    Look for the red brick building next to the bakery, careful the door's stiff.
    (The door doesn't work, use the bakery to get it.)
  7. Pyro_Sanders

    Pyro_Sanders Warcrime Sprite Creator

    *Super glued onto a corner of the board is a picture. A picture printed on plastic, I should add.*

  8. ManyFacedFool

    ManyFacedFool New Member

    *A sloppily scrawled note on what appears to be animal skin, tacked to the board with a knife*
    (Underneath is one of those QR-Code things you take a picture of. It appears to be hand-drawn. Amazingly, it works fine and provides Hammiki's StarNet contact info.)​
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  9. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    *This picture would've been removed by Argus within the day.*
  10. EyesofMarch

    EyesofMarch New Member

    A simple piece of paper is posted onto the message board by a single nail. The handwriting isn't fantastic either.


    Looking for work, manual or not. Skilled pilot, able-bodied and plenty of combat and medical experience. Need anything done, just contact this e-mail address.


    (Send a PM)
  11. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    *Another note. This one seems to be in a fancy scrawl on some rather official looking paper.*

    Looking for work? The Upside restaurant needs staff, mainly cooks and waiters. Pay depends on positions. Contact me through starnet or find me around Upside.
    ~Argus Hemstreet
    *Totally IC contact info*
    (Aka message me on forums)
  12. Ziggy

    Ziggy Sinfully Soft

    *Written in very neat, crystal clear common is a tacked-up ad.*

    Welcome to Upside! For the scholars and keen-witted, I invite you to join me in the Town Hall during the week days to enroll in one of four Council-Certified classes, including:​
    • Avian Language Course (Mon, Wed, Fri @ 0700-0900)
    • Advanced Piloting (Tues, Thurs @ 0700-0900)
    • Writing Composition (Monday - Friday @ 0900-1130)
    • Wilderness Survival (Monday-Friday @ 1300-1530)

    Costs to enroll in each course is 20 pixels per attendance. Students are more than welcome- and even encouraged- to enroll in more than one course at a time. A set number of hours must be attained before students will be certified. Course hour requirements depend on the class.

    To Enroll or have your questions addressed, speak with Kahlua Downsilk at the Upside Town Hall before or after class hours, or send me an inquiry at KahluaDownsilk@Starmail.net.​
  13. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    Job openings:
    Possibly others.
    Inquire online (Aka message Haplap on the forums)
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