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[Interest check.] The Wonderland Outfit.

Discussion in 'Roleplay Planning' started by Kumakin, Nov 22, 2014.


Yes, or no?

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  2. No

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  1. Kumakin

    Kumakin New Member

    This is a weird idea I came up with. It is a jab at the black hand from the Elder scroll series but more focused around small group of hit-man(And woman). I wanted it to be a very cryptic type of deal with the 'Leader' being a mysterious figurehead.

    The basic idea behind it is that there are five members who each fulfill a specific role. The 'Thumb' would be the muscle of the group who usually deals with contacts that require more brute strength, The 'Pointer' which deals mostly in gathering intel from people or acquiring blackmail, The 'Middle finger' who is essentially a wild card type, the 'Ringer' who is called in as extra back-up or to push something like drugs and whatnot, and finally 'Pinky' the versatile person of the group with some higher set of skills.

    The leader would post contracts with dead drops. Then upon completing missions the characters get rewarded with some form of benefit such as cash, drugs, or something else. If a finger is 'severed'(character gets killed) in action the player has to OOCly 'Elect' another player to take their place. This means the group will always be changing characters. If none of their friends want to take their place there would be a job posting for the position and hired on if they fulfill the role needed.

    The main source of income for paying the Outfit will be the Bank we are planning on building on The Republic of Canada.
  2. DavidHeinrich

    DavidHeinrich Space Corps Judge

    I don't think we really need an assassin faction, to be perfectly honest. There aren't many high level politics going on; this is a frontier environment, not a court of political intrigue. It's a lot easier to just bust in with a group of mercs and then roll out than to hire a stealthy killer; it doesn't really fit with the nature of the server.
  3. Redwilt

    Redwilt Washed up has been

    I would much rather an 'assassins guild' then 80% of the people I come across being a mercenary/ex-mercenary gun-toting hee-haw that's more inclined to shoot first, care later. Assassins would have to take their time, set it up, etc. Lots of planning and thought would have to go into it to make sure it was 1) clean and 2) they didn't get caught or seen.
  4. John_McFakename

    John_McFakename New Member

    Any kind of assassins or hitmen have to deal with the consent-rule.
    Not worth it.
  5. Jnick22

    Jnick22 New Member

    Could go well if done right. But what about Neokyo?


  7. Kumakin

    Kumakin New Member

    No way to fund a city that was that large so I dropped the idea to avoid the Gum shit storm debate.
  8. skipi

    skipi New Member

    most people dumb enough to play shitty gun-toting mercs are too dumb to play an assassin any way that isnt "u better not fuck with me or ill kill u in broad daylight *smirks*"
    besides that, there is no need for a group like this
  9. Fiery Wither Rose

    Fiery Wither Rose TheOneMute

  10. Kumakin

    Kumakin New Member

    Not sure if something is lost in translation here. So, I will post something equally as irrelevant.
  11. Jnick22

    Jnick22 New Member

  12. Kumakin

    Kumakin New Member

    Since the interest seems to be somewhat mixed leaning towards no. I'll post a poll. If everyone who cares would please vote.

    Update: I don't know how to add polls.
  13. Jnick22

    Jnick22 New Member

    Cant edit one in. Have to make a new thread entirely.
  14. Day Tripper

    Day Tripper miller ball breaker

    oh boy

    nice meme bruh
  15. This is the main reason.

    Only time you'll get to actually assassinate someone is if someone wants to off one of their characters and on this server hardly anyone does. Unless it's suicide.

    While the idea is cool. On this server the success rate of a faction like that is slim to none.
  16. DavidHeinrich

    DavidHeinrich Space Corps Judge

    Added poll upon request.
  17. Atom

    Atom New Member

    I've set up great traps that characters have walked right into then just consent their way out of the situation. I'll admit some of these traps and ambushes did not require the victim to engage in combat, but if the character is gullible enough to walk into a trap thats in a place with no witnesses they should accept the consequences. That doesn't happen in my experience.

    I would like to be part of this small group that actually thinks of smart ways to engage characters other than direct combat in populated places. It really isn't worth all the effort we would put into it when most people just use a consent loop hole to become immortal and avoid every dangerous situation that they haven't planned. Even if they have done something to deserve the "Hit" put on them, they will still just consent their way out of it if it doesn't go their way.
  18. Kumakin

    Kumakin New Member

    I've always been a believer in the dice gods. My idea was to make a repudiation for people who fall into traps. (To be discussed with the mods) In such cases a target, after being trapped, has a saving roll. In essence if they roll a die, depending on the odds, they may make a saving roll which could be whatever desired action to save themselves from the trap but not the situation.

    To me, this idea seems somewhat fair in cases where there is much more planning as opposed to someone beaming down as a gun-toting mercenary shooting men, woman, and children as if it was going out of style.

    An example for the confused or curious.

    You go to a bar and poison a beer, or whatever, then have the bartender deliver said beer to the target. Even if the poison is odorless, and tasteless then the target drinks it there would be a chance. He or she would attempt a saving roll (1D100 for this example) the target rolls a 40 meaning they have a 40% chance of saving. OOC we choose 60% or below the target is poisoned so in this case they would be poisoned. If they rolled a 61% they would have thrown up the poison and beer thus 'saving' themselves or whatever bullshit they RP out.
  19. Kumakin

    Kumakin New Member

    Many thanks.
  20. Atom

    Atom New Member

    The dice gods are a good way to handle it, I agree. I haven't seen anyone use dice here accept John in the arena on Taranis. Anyway I would like to give this a try despite my concerns with consent rules in Antares so far. Would prefer to make a new character for the "Ringer" member of the group.
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