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Info on Lira's characters

Discussion in 'Character Descriptions' started by Liraxus, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member


    Audrey Peridot Ohsaka

    Aged 29
    Half Australian, half Korean
    Eye color: Green
    Stands at about 5'7"
    Natural blonde
    Cupsize: B
    Body Type: Inverted Triangle

    Theme Song: Amalgam, Steven Universe OST

    Audrey's most common apparel is her brown, messy coat with yellow undershirt. Audrey's hair is usually unkempt, her hair bun kept in place by a pen usually used for work, she is also found with a filled backpack full of tools, if one were to look inside, one would probably just find small utilities like a flashlight, hammer, the like.

    Audrey's usual casual wear is just her yellow sweatshirt with ripped, gray jeans.

    Audrey's work apparel is similar to standard army fatigues, gray camouflage with a green vest full of survival tools.

    Audrey always tries to keep a kind smile, not being the brightest in the world, she does her best to keep others happy, despite this, she has an innate common sense and survival instincts from years of work.

    Fun facts!
    I don't remember when and how I really made Audrey...
    Audrey used to have a nickname, Jenny.
    Her only known relative is Jeremy.
    Audrey's parents never really married, so it was decided she would get her mother's last name.
    Audrey learned Korean from her mother, she's hoping to meet someone else who knows it.
    Her Australian accent shows when she is exceptionally pissed off.


    Lani(Lars) Wilson Cythrus

    Aged 20
    Eye Color: Violet(Blue Contacts)
    Stands at about 5'5"
    Body Type: Ectomorph

    Theme Song: 999999, Portal 2 OST

    Lars has one common style, usually he is found wearing a hoodie with cat ears, the hoodie in question being merchandise for a popular MMO named Fantasy Planet. Lars usually has black sweatpants on with brown sandals on his feet. On his left arm is a surgically installed PDA with a basic starnet browser, text messaging, etcetera. The PDA seems to have stretched Lars' skin on his arm, implying installation at a younger age, possibly at the young boys request.

    Without his make-up, Lars shows more of his Albinism, having violet-red eyes and pale skin, usually he has make-up on to appear normal to others, though under his coat is his natural skin color.

    DSAD(Dynamic Surveillance Aerial Drone)
    Omnicomputer product, modified by Lars
    Osiris is a DSAD unit personally modified by Lars to be a friend and assistant for his public awkwardness, Osiris is covered in thin layers of Ceramic with lightweight metal to assist in flight, Osiris has a bright and cheery attitude, following a strict programming line to assist and defend Lars, willing to serve as is his prime directive.

    Lars is cold and monotone, not one for speaking, he is shy and awkward, only really speaking and keeping close to people he trusts. However, since his relationship with Mairi, he has begun to be more open, and talkative to others.

    Fun facts!
    Lars was originally designed with the intention of having a robotic arm that had Magnorbs attached to them, this was deemed a bit difficult to explain, thus was cut.
    Osiris is inspired off of Destiny's Ghost(Notably, Nolan North's performance) and Fallout 4's Codsworth.
    Lars' design is lightly inspired off of my FFXIV character, Z'thexa Nesyadi, this is where the idea for him to play MMO's and be a gamer came from.
    Lars has a fascination with Novakids.


    Okalani Uluwehi Cythrus

    Aged 26
    Eye Color: Black
    Stands at about 5'7"
    Coconut brown
    Cupsize: C
    Body type: Oval

    Okalani is usually found wearing regular blue jeans and a bright red T-shirt with a fake, but colorful Lei. Okalani's brown hair usually covers half of her face, along with a small white Pikake flower usually nestled over top. Although rare, Okalani has been known to wear shoes, heavily preferring wearing sandals, or even going barefoot.

    Unlike her younger brother, Okalani is very cheery and eager to make new friends, though she can be a bit easy to excite, she's not dumb in any sense of the word. Okalani loves fun and never tries to look sad in front of others, always trying to don a smile, even over a saddened Okalani.

    Fun Facts!
    Okalani is Lars, big sister, Lars' real name is Lani. Lani, Okalani, her mother wasn't creative...
    Okalani is based off of characters from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

    Annabelle 'Scarlet' Lazlo

    Aged 28
    Eye Color: Naturally blue, synthetic eye can have multiple different colored Iris'.
    Stands at about 6'0"
    Natural Redhead, dyed black with red tips.
    Body Type: Spoon

    Scarlet's casual attire is usually a spacious sweatshirt with soft, stretchy shorts and black sandals. Scarlet's favorite scarf conceals some notable scars across the front of her neck. Usually, she is seen with long, black hair with red along the edges. It's easy to see some metallics popping out her back, which seem to be connected to her spine, giving her legs the ability to walk.

    Scarlet's work attire is a black dress with red skirt and buttons, still wearing her usual favorite scarf alongside some black dress shoes.

    Scarlet's public dress is much simpler, being an off-shoulder red top with a black band around her waist, it does poorly to hide Scarlet's plump stomach. She is also wearing the same dress shoes as her work attire. She wears a large, black choker around her neck.

    Scarlet's current attire, wearing a black hoodie with red pants, she has her usual scarf on, along with shorter, cut hair that reaches down the back of her neck.

    Scarlet, on the surface, can appear as simply as a cold, uncaring face, in actuality, Scarlet can be a very talkative person given the opportunity. Scarlet enjoys many things such as reading and cooking, and has taken a liking to her librarian job. Scarlet tries to keep logical, always assessing a situation before it unfolds, she likes to consider herself smart, when in reality, it could be a little bit of an ego building. Scarlet secretly hopes to one day remember who she was before amnesia took her.

    Fun Facts!
    Scarlet was originally a throwaway, but proved interesting enough to be developed further.
    Scarlet's City attire is based off of an Octoling design from a Splatoon fan manga.
    Her true name is Annabelle Lazlo, and was once a member of the Church of Flesh.


    Ignis Arno Stokk

    Aged 36
    Gas Color: An orange outside with bright yellow combustion.
    Brand: Hollow Triangle
    Stands at about 6'1"
    Body type: Mesomorph

    Ignis is a Novakid with an interesting condition, born with a thin membrane, Ignis gives off noticably more heat than other Novakid, emanating from the chemicals burning inside of him, standing close to Ignis would be like standing a fair distance from a strong flame, while his heat isn't unbearable, being close to him for a while can start to cause sweating. Ignis' skin temperature can be at about 70°F around his arms, feet, and face, and up to 100°F at his chest, stomach, and legs. A notable feature of Ignis are the small deposits of metal stuck to the face portion of his membrane. When wearing his casual garb, Ignis tends to wear a black sweatshirt and his usual jeans. Ignis wears a black backpack filled with smithing tools and chunks of metal.

    Ignis wears heavy armor to keep himself safe from threats, and to keep others from the small dangers of his thin membrane, his armor is based on a black leather coat, with armor plating around the waist and upper arms. The most notable piece of armor being the large, thick plate over his chest area. This armor is very heavy, and intended to help Ignis' membrane keep strong.

    Ignis has both honor and mutual respect for others around him, giving anyone he meets a chance to prove themselves to him as being a good person, not even being intimidated by meeting Floran. Ignis has a laid back attitude, and a slightly western accent to match it.

    Fun facts!
    Ignis was based on the idea of creating a Novakid with a unique color, I finally settled on Ignis looking like walking fire.
    Ignis' brand is the alchemy symbol for fire.
    Originally, I intended to give Ignis the name "Curius".


    Fushiko Tamahara

    Aged 25
    Red skin, pink underbelly.
    Red eyes, missing third eye.
    Stands at about 5'8"

    Fushiko is a Hylotl with a respectable upper body build, under all of her clothes, she holds many scratches from her past career. Fushiko wears a black coat with hoodie, to compliment this, she wears a blood red t-shirt underneath. Fushiko is missing her third eye, and her fin has shriveled up to the point it has detached from her back, it is now tied together with a black hairband. Fushiko also wears black, ripped pants, giving her an overall gothic punk appearance.

    Fushiko is a casual, tough-looker that tries to be more of a guardian than anything to others. She can be cold and cynical in many cases, and can be described as chaotic or outright unlawful in some others, but she only does what she think is right, and will do what she can when she feels something goes unpunished, especially when it occurs on the Caelestis station.

    Fun facts!
    Fushiko is based off of one of my first ever characters, Teddy.
    Her coloration is based off of lobsters and crabs.



    Aged 29
    Green skin, brown foliage
    Stands at about 5'6"

    Barkmuncher has little to distinguish himself past his burnt Foliage, his "Hair" is a small bundle of leaves, some burnt to a crisp, the others laying dead and stuck to Bark's head. His apparel is a jacket left unbutton to show his stomach region, with a bigger body coat wrapped around his hips, he also has a large clothe over his left arm, which is sliced off.

    Barkmuncher is strange for a Floran, unlike other Florans, Barkmuncher is a bit of an outcast to his fellow Nomads, while he has a superiority problem, Bark is smarter than he appears, knowing where and when not to pick a fight in his favor, though this can cause a disliking from his fellow Floran, Bark hopes to one day find a way to prove to his fellow Floran that he is strong, and that his way of thinking can create a strong Nomad and hunter.

    Fun facts!
    Barkmuncher is a skilled archer and proficient at swordplay, though in a fight, he constantly prefers using a bow and arrow over a sword.

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  2. Liraxus

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    Second post here is to keep any changes made, god knows every time I make a character, I usually forget a certain issue or loophole with it. If you have any complaints against my characters, please mention them.


    Made a few changes to Bark's personality to help distinguish his past as a Nomad turned Outcast.


    Made huge changes to Lars' backstory within reason, he had no real ethnicity past being a generic looking human male, so hopefully this will give him a more interesting disposition.

    Meet Okalani, Lars' fun-loving big sister with a heart of golden honey.


    MASSIVE changes to Fushiko's design and a rework on her personality, Fushiko should be a much different character now to others now that she has a set goal and determination.

    Barkmuncher, Ignis, and Fushiko's designs have been updated appropriately for changes.
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    I'm going to be fixing this up, Audrey Ohsaka and Poppy are to be removed from the played characters list, Audrey will be placed in Character Limbo, as I will play her, but she's honestly told her story, and Poppy is now dead from the dangerous surroundings of Fernbrook.

    This will hopefully add space for characters like Scarlet, and a planned Apex.
  4. Liraxus

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    Another update, Audrey really isn't on hold, I'll also be updating the character portraits to be a bit more accurate with how the characters have developed.

    A few things.

    1. I'm planning on redesigning Okalani's apparel, currently she has put on weight, so she isn't exactly the stick person she used to be. I also feel like her design could be fixed up a bit to show off how she's accepted other forms of apparel besides her lei and other hawaiian stuff.

    2. I'll also be adding character themes, but hiding Scarlet's from plain sight as I feel uncertain about it. Her theme is from Postal Redux.

    3. Generally going to be refining character descriptions.
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