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Hallo hallo everyone~

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by EternaRogue, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. EternaRogue

    EternaRogue New Member

    Hello, and thank you for having me as a part of the group! I usually go by Eterna; on steam I'm EternaRogue (eternadragoon). I'm a creative writing major (minoring in technical writing) who loves roleplay of all kinds. Tabletop gaming (D&D, Shadowrun, GURPs, Hunters, BESM), MMORP, and online RP groups - I've done it all (well, all of those). I've been out of RP for a while though, and wanted to get back into it with Starbound because the game's currently my ob- er, passion.

    I apparently have 61+ hours logged onto the game already? *Shrug* I don't progress so much as wander with my characters... Speaking of which, I have two characters: the main one I play is Blood-spike Baudelaire, a naive wandering Glitch pacifist who likes farming and playing his instruments at the outskirts of populated locations (he switches between a hammered dulcimer and an ocarina); the second character I play (who won't be making many appearances because he's a recluse) is Revin Baudelaire, the human who saved Spike's life and who calls himself 'an interstellar librarian' (he's really not though). I hope to have fun RPing with you all!
  2. Aleiksei

    Aleiksei New Member

    Ayy welcome!
  3. Hour

    Hour Dogu

    Welcome, and have fun.
    Try not to worship Kluex and all will be good.
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