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H-I Rise Apartments

Discussion in 'Upside' started by Haplap, May 21, 2016.

  1. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    H-I Rise Apartments
    -Affordable space for the average frontiersman-

    Looking to stay a night? Perhaps an extended visit? In any case, look no further than H-I Rise Apartments. Located just west of the town hall on Upside, we offer modern apartments at the reasonable price of 55 pixels a week. Rooms come standard with a comfy twin-sized bed, a full bathroom, and desk space. We encourage visitors to change their rooms around, however, please keep these changes reasonable! Any damages caused will be included in the rent.

    Payment is a constant of 55px a week, no matter how long you stay.

    Rooms and Availability:
    Room 01 - Sarah (EyesofMarch)
    Room 02 - Skotla (NovaZenk)
    Room 03 - Mattulip (Coolguy)
    Room 04 - Ethan Britton (CaptainBritton02)
    Room 05 - Joshua Scheffler (CouchPotato360)
    Room 06 - Sherry (rainy days and mondays)
    Room 07 - Tideseeker Tleuix (DeathMartyr)
    Room 08 - Cuaden Orion (Pyro_Sanders)

    OOC Info:
    Using the apartments is real simple and easy. Here's how it goes:
    • If you want a room, post in the thread with something along the lines of 'Character is going to be staying in room 01'. I will Update the thread and claim the room in their name. Just remember, if their name is on the list, they'll be paying 55 pixels a week!
    • All rooms are to be assumed locked if vacant. Whether or not a filled room is locked or not is up to whomever is staying in that room.
    • Feel free to move objects around and place things in the rooms, but do not destroy or move any blocks!
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  2. Pyro_Sanders

    Pyro_Sanders Warcrime Sprite Creator

    Cuaden Orion will be staying in room 8
  3. CouchPotato360

    CouchPotato360 Last Man Standing

    Joshua Scheffler will be staying in room 5.
  4. rainy

    rainy contains rain

    Sherry enters the building with three large bags. Just one glance at any of her three eyes and you know that room 6 is hers.
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  5. Caws

    Caws birb

    Tideseeker Tleuix proudly claims Room 07.
  6. CaptainBritton02

    CaptainBritton02 Man of War

    Ethan Britton, room four.
  7. Coolguy

    Coolguy Coolest mod around

    Mattulip is going to be staying in room 03
  8. NovaZenk

    NovaZenk New Member

    Skotla claims Room 2!
  9. EyesofMarch

    EyesofMarch New Member

    Sarah McKinley takes Room 1
  10. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    And just like that, apartments are full. Please remember that if your character stops staying/paying for their room, you'll need to post that in this thread so I can update it! Thank you, and maybe more apartments will be made. Maybe.
  11. EyesofMarch

    EyesofMarch New Member

    Sarah McKinley leaves Room 1
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