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Guide to Olympus

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Punished Tacc, Oct 7, 2015.

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  1. Punished Tacc

    Punished Tacc New Member

    *This StarNet document would be easily accessible, and provides basic information for anyone planning a visit to Olympus!*

    Olympus is a corporate run ocean planet that specializes in starship fuel and crude oil. Olympus itself is run by Triton Enterprises, a corporate group that can trace it's beginnings back to Antares. Triton was founded and is still led by Cullen Fontaine, who is also the acting Chancellor for the Triton Territories. The Triton Territories are all planets that are owned and operated by Triton Enterprises, and thus governed by Cullen Fontaine and/or a local consular from the executive board. Anyone can go to Olympus, but those seeking citizenship should sign "Triton's Contract with the People's of Olympus", which acts as the supreme law for all of the Triton Territories. Since Olympus itself is run as a corporate planet, the government in place is not a government in a traditional sense. It is akin to living in a great big shopping mall, with the management dictating how the place should be fun.

    Please, feel free to post any questions in the moderated comment section below!

Thread Status:
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