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Discussion in 'Technology' started by L.O.R.I.E., Oct 24, 2016.

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  1. L.O.R.I.E.

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    ~2px per liter

    Erchius is an exotic matter used to catalyze wormholes during ISR travel. Given that spatial transit relies entirely on its use, there's no surprise that erchius has become a staple in the galactic economy. Erchius mining & trade is a lucrative market, and leads many aspiring entrepreneurs to uncharted space in hopes of a hefty payout.

    The substance is naturally occurring in a solid, crystalline state, and must be handled with care due to its high radioactivity. It's easily identified by its vibrant magenta hue & luminescence. When refined into it's processed liquid form, erchius displays non-Newtonian properties.

    The below table can be used to quickly reference liter & credit cost of varying ISR wormhole diameters.
    [TR][TD] 5m wormhole diameter[/TD][TD2] 3.9 liters/light-year [/TD2][TD2] ~2px/light-year [/TD2][/TR]
    [TR][TD] 10m wormhole diameter[/TD][TD2] 7.8 liters/light-year [/TD2][TD2] ~4px/light-year [/TD2][/TR]
    [TR][TD] 20m wormhole diameter[/TD][TD2] 15.7 liters/light-year [/TD2][TD2] ~8px/light-year [/TD2][/TR]
    [TR][TD] 30m wormhole diameter[/TD][TD2] 23.5 liters/light-year [/TD2][TD2] ~12px/light-year [/TD2][/TR]
    [TR][TD] 50m wormhole diameter[/TD][TD2] 39.2 liters/light-year [/TD2][TD2] ~20px/light-year [/TD2][/TR]
    [TR][TD] 100m wormhole diameter[/TD][TD2] 78.5 liters/light-year [/TD2][TD2] ~40px/light-year [/TD2][/TR]
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