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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tacoburger, Apr 28, 2017.

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    An SOS is sent out on all channels receiving of a desperate call for help. The first ones to pick it up, AFIF, relay the message to the sector asking for aid from all those available.

    “This is a request for assistance by acting AFIF coordinator Cidast Rodella. A planet is in need of help after a devastating terrorist attack on a local faction embassy, which has devastated multiple civilian lives, and killed many unfortunate workers within the area. The perpetrator of the bomb is still currently unknown, however, our job is not to find the people who did it, but to provide medical aid and services to those in need. AFIF is requesting all able bodied personnel, experienced or inexperienced, to give their service to help these people, stranger or not. Our friends planetside have confirmed that they will be unable to provide support due to a storm blockaded their passage, and wanted us to give aid. AFIF is ill-equipped for such an endeavour and pleads that all peoples bring whatever they can: Food, medical supplies, and even their own ability to give comfort to those in need. Firefighter gear is a must, if you intend to brave the flames. Many lives were lost and they need our help now to recover both physically, and emotionally.

    Some of you have already been to this planet before, and may remember this place. The locals have never requested assistance from outsiders until recently, and they do so with much grievance for the innocents who died. Look into your heart, and think of the children who may be widowed by another’s wrongdoing. It is the evil of others that caused this, but it will be the good of others that help to make things right.”

    The information for the planet is provided below. The drop point is in the center of a small city, smoke rising from multiple areas on the east side, including a central warehouse where dozens of bodies are strewn across. AFIF have offered to give pertinent details upon arrival.
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    An picture is attached.
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    Tacoburger professional taco burger

    ((Event over. Thanks for everyone who came.))
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