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Chat Commands and Player Counts

Discussion in 'Announcements and Information' started by Haplap, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    With thanks to our friend Apple on the discord (for lack of a forum account), they handed us over some of their mods to enhance the server with neat features that many of you have been wanting for quite some time. So let's hop right into it!

    Chat Commands!
    Before I start on this, i'd like to note that the chat tab mod we've been will only let you see commands in the 'OOC' tab, so I changed it quickly to allow it in all tabs. If you don't mind switching tabs, feel free to use the old one, otherwise, get the new one here!

    To see what commands you have available to you, type /applehelp into chat and press enter. This is what you'll get:
    The playercounter command doesn't work currently, but that doesn't matter, and you'll see why later. The attempt, roll, and coin commands are designed to help players decide what to do in situations, and they all function similarly. Attempt gives a random percentage out of 100 to determine whether an attempt succeeded or not, roll will roll a die, of which you can choose sides, numbers, and modifiers, and coin will flip a coin. These are still up to the players when they should be used in RP and are still not enforced as the way to play. Finally, the ping command sends a message to the server, and it sends one back to you, which is good for testing latency.

    New Teleporter System!
    When you log onto the server next, you might notice something weird about... every teleporter you find. That's because they're only transporting players around to colonies now!
    Any teleporter you put down will automatically have the colony locations set, meaning there's no more hassle in moving your ship around or keeping bookmarks. This obviously replaces our old teleporter on Station Caelestis.

    You'll also note that player count below each colony listing, and yes, it will accurately list how many people are on which planet. This will allow folks to know where the action is happening, a feature I know you'll all be happy to have.

    And while that just about wraps everything up, you should note that If you want a teleporter that functions like a normal, unmodded one, alert a staff member and they can unlink it from the system for you. Also, this is new, and I may have not explained everything fully, so do ask questions and i'd be happy to help you out.

    Finally, thanks again to Apple for giving us all these neat features.
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  2. Liraxus

    Liraxus New Member

    Awesome, now we can see who's ERPing where!
  3. Tacoburger

    Tacoburger professional taco burger

    about time
  4. Karo

    Karo New Member

  5. Apple

    Apple New Member

    Small note; you can spawn teleporters with the colony/hub lists disabled in singleplayer, too. Just use:
    /spawnitem futureteleporter 1 '{"disableHubTeleport" : true}'
    Works for any teleporter that automatically has the hub list on it.

    help I'm going to be lynched
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