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Blackfang's Horde: REVENGEANCE

Discussion in 'Roleplay Planning' started by John_McFakename, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. John_McFakename

    John_McFakename New Member

    This is an Interest-Check/Recruitment/Re-recruitment/Whatever post for bringing back Warchief Blackfang's Horde, which, to people who don't know what Port Last was, is a Horde of Black-leafed Chaotic Evil Florans that conduct raids on OOCly consenting colonies, justified by the Event rules of the server (as in, liberal use of cannonfodder-alts as long as they're confined to Events and planets participating in said Events).

    Whoever owns a colony, leave message below if you're interested in giving yer security forces some action in the weekends.

    As for recruitment, I must stress the following criteria:
    1. You are not allowed to RP a member of a security force of another colony on the side.
    2. You are RPing an expendable pawn in a maniacal Warchief's game of chess. You are allowed to give your Sprout/Barkwall a personality and depth, but you must understand said Sprout/Barkwall is going to die, over and over, with a new personality attached with each "rebirth".
    3. No random unconsented raids without Warchief's or any Captain's permission. (Rank structure IC and OOC being Warchief->Captains->Sprout/Barkwall)

    Leave a message below if you're interested in RPing as a Sprout/Barkwall, Captains will be picked out by me. Same for people who partook in the Horde last time and wish to rejoin.

    Thank you for your time.
  2. Boundless

    Boundless New Member

    Oh boy, I missed the last one but I'm not gonna miss this one. I'm all for it John.
  3. yoyohaloreach

    yoyohaloreach New Member

    They're coming back? I'm ready
  4. DartyGooblin

    DartyGooblin New Member

    I'd say yes, but with no security force, Orwell is kinda out atm. Also depends on what Ricardo says. :3 But orwell is a possibility, there's also an npc floran dungeon on the world, and I'd love to see that used ic in some way.
  5. Diehardpatriot

    Diehardpatriot New Member

  6. Cole Ombre

    Cole Ombre Lurking Admin

    I'll sign up for a mad raving floran whenever Cole isn't involved with the other side. Invading a different colony or something.

    But yeah, this could be fun.
  7. skeletor

    skeletor Banned

    fuck shit up my nigga i'm down for a zergish swarm just battering on the colonies
  8. The Bandicoot

    The Bandicoot New Member

    I'm all for it. Let's GOOOOOO
  9. Raideck

    Raideck Member

    I want it but pls make sure you keep a dead grip on the rules because there are always those few..
  10. Doctor Frohman

    Doctor Frohman New Member

    What's the motive of these raids? To get food? Why not just hunt on a planet full of creatures that /can't/ use guns?
  11. Ziggy

    Ziggy Sinfully Soft

    where's your Hunter's pride, Froh? Don't you understand there is no honor in an easy prey?
  12. Shag

    Shag High Impact Sexual Implications

    ''Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live.''
  13. Doctor Frohman

    Doctor Frohman New Member

    Why would Florans care about honor...?
    And when hunting goes to full out assault raids, it's not really hunting anymore.
  14. Diehardpatriot

    Diehardpatriot New Member

    Florans are sentient beings with aspirations just like any of the other races. The Blackfang's ambitions just happen to be to conquer, multiply, and murder.
  15. yoyohaloreach

    yoyohaloreach New Member

    And those aspirations will end when they die, and more come than die, then more ZERG!
  16. Ziggy

    Ziggy Sinfully Soft

    Florans take trophies from the hunts, so I'd assume that they have some sense of pride.
  17. Sonic1829

    Sonic1829 New Member

    I'm up for it, so long as things don't turn into a powerplay by both sides.
  18. Punished Tacc

    Punished Tacc New Member

    Looks interesting, might b good. As others have said, quality control will be key with such a large, open and public group. I hope it goes well, if it gets a good rep I think we might be able to set something up with Triton :)
  19. Ziggy

    Ziggy Sinfully Soft

    Triton might be contracted by the Council to handle the Blackfang problem since Triton's already stationed out here. It's ideal.
  20. Punished Tacc

    Punished Tacc New Member

    That's an excellent point. From what I understand, staff intends to set up some kind of OOC/IC system to acquire council contracts and resources.
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