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Approved Mod List: Now Updated

Discussion in 'Announcements and Information' started by Felonious, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Felonious

    Felonious Restart Monkey

    Warning: Using any Mods that add custom assets to the game is punishable by the suspension of your account. These mods are not compatible with the server and will cause crashes. Such mods include: Custom Race mods, Creative Mode, Theme Mods, etc.

    We have been seeking to update the community in a more organized way so that you are all aware what mods are accepted on the server. If you wish to submit a mod to test and then add to this list, that is fine. But allow us to test the mod before you use it on the server.

    If you are in doubt about what mods are acceptable, contact a staff member before using the mod on the server.

    Approved Mods
    Note that none of the following mods are required. They are simply approved for use.
    Approved External Programs
    These programs are not actually installed as mods to the game, but can be used to enhance assets of the game without risk to the server itself.
    Disapproved Mods
    Note: These mods are explicitly disapproved. The use of these mods causes instability and even crashes on the server. In addition to this list, if the mod is not on the above list, it should not be used while on the server. Keep this in mind. These mods are listed because they often cause errors and crashes.
    • Creative Mode: This mod adds custom assets that the server is unable to interpret.
    • The Dye Mod: Causes the same issues as Creative Mode.
    • All Custom Race Mods: Custom races are custom assets, and cause similar crashes if you attempt to play with them on the server.
    • Theme Mods: I.E. Halo, Mass Effect, or other such mods that add custom assets to the server.
    • Any and all custom instrument mods.
    • Custom Vehicles: Things like the XS Corp. Mechs mod.

    Updated on 3/10/16: New links added for new mods, a link to Starcheat's website was included.
    Updated on 5/5/2016: Updated link to SBSE.
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  2. DeltaV

    DeltaV New Member

    What about mods that increase interact range? I don't think any are updated to yesterday's build (Because it changed how interact range works), but I know they've been used on the server in the past.
  3. Felonious

    Felonious Restart Monkey

    A few of the creative mods, or at least Omegamatt's, provides an increased interaction range as part of the mod.
  4. BenWx

    BenWx New Member

    "Kazyyk's quest skip"

    Gee, wonder how that got there:rolleyes:
  5. Felonious

    Felonious Restart Monkey

    By being compatible with the server.
  6. Tacoburger

    Tacoburger professional taco burger

    put my list to shame
  7. Twitch

    Twitch Wayward Star

    A noble effort none the less.
  8. BenWx

    BenWx New Member

    One day, his list shall return from the war.
  9. Ricardo

    Ricardo ERP Champ 2016

    There ought to be a RECOMMENDED mod list
  10. Twitch

    Twitch Wayward Star

    I recommend the mods on the approved list, if you like what they do.
  11. QuestionableMotives

    QuestionableMotives Not To Be Trusted

    Can you provide links to the approved mods??
  12. Felonious

    Felonious Restart Monkey

    Click on them, they are in fact links at the moment.
  13. Twitch

    Twitch Wayward Star

    They are links.
  14. QuestionableMotives

    QuestionableMotives Not To Be Trusted

    Oops, I'm stupid.
  15. Twitch

    Twitch Wayward Star

    It's okay. Its a lovable sort of stupid... Maybe.
  16. Groggeneral

    Groggeneral New Member

  17. Kazyyk

    Kazyyk Administrator

  18. Destroyer713

    Destroyer713 New Member

    I would advise against using the "placemod" items from the ILikeCheating mod (Which allow you to do things like put grass or snow on top of a block) for the time being. Under certain circumstances (Which I won't say here to prevent people from trying to grief other worlds.) placing them on certain kinds blocks can corrupt chunks, which will crash you every time that chunk loads.

    I've already managed to corrupt a planet twice (First time because I had no idea what I did, and second time because I managed to not understand why it happened to the first time properly enough.), so I really wouldn't advise using these things at all, if only to save the Staff's time from idiotic screw-ups like my own...
  19. Clem

    Clem Lore Writer

    I like to say that the new ILikeCheating mod has incompatibility issues with vanilla servers.
    Please do not use it on the server.
    Like for instance, this grass stuff. Server errors out on that since it does not recognize it being something part of the player.
  20. Kazyyk

    Kazyyk Administrator

    I'll add it to the disallowed list until the issues are resolved.
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