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An Introduction to the Floran

Discussion in 'Floran' started by L.O.R.I.E., Oct 7, 2016.

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  1. L.O.R.I.E.

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    Throughout history, Florans have always been at odds with the Avians, who tried to prevent them from spreading their species across the stars. After escaping their Avian oppressors, the Florans conquered the Hylotl home world. Shortly thereafter, despite their initial meeting which ended in tragedy, a lasting friendship between the Florans and Glitch was formed.

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    Florans generally live in tribal societies, following a set of customs and beliefs determined by their tribe.
    During a defining period of Floran history, an exceedingly extraordinary Floran succeeded in uniting the largest of the Floran tribes into what would later be referred to as the great Floran Horde. However, after this Floran's passing, the Horde would be divided once more into numerous large tribes, who would in turn spawn offshoots consisting of smaller tribes.

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    Floran culture revolves around the Darwinian concept of "Survival of the fittest". Adhering to the old adage, Florans live to “spread, consume and to multiply”. Obviously, the Hunt holds an important place in Floran culture. However, "the Hunt" can refer to a multitude of different things. First and foremost, it can refer to the actual activity of hunting prey, sapient or otherwise. Secondly, it can refer to the Floran way of life in general, where strength, cunning and combat prowess are highly valued. And last, but certainly not least, there is the Rite of The Hunt.

    Floran culture is considered to be unrefined and savage, with strict tribal customs and hierarchies. Their aggressive nature appears to be born from a lack of a concept of non-plant life as opposed to outright contempt. This tenet dominates their culture and justifies their treatment of visiting races, though there are signs of some beginning to question this. Because of this, individual Florans have been known to split apart from their society to lead their own lives in isolation or in the solace of other races, at the cost of being cut off from the collective and considered enemies of all flora for good.

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    Noteworthy physiological traits are:

    • Their ability to see in the dark, up to 60m.
    • Their lack of a nose and ears.
    • Florans do not have a nose, but have a forked tongue instead, with a jacobson organ. This grants them an improved sense of smell and leads to their signature 'hissing' lisp.
    • They breathe a gaseous mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
    • They perform photosynthesis which enhances their biology.
    • The inability to perform photosynthesis will be detrimental for a Floran’s health.
    • Florans are quite sensitive to drought and extreme cold, prolonged exposure to either of these environmental effects proving to be incredibly harmful to their physiology, often resulting in a swift death.
    • Florans have sap in their circulation instead of blood and starch instead of bone marrow in their bones.
    • Florans are able to regenerate, however they are unable to completely regenerate their vital and more complex organs. (I.e, the brain, the heart, the eyes …)
    • Florans are hermaphrodites, however they can identify as either male, female, or neither(in which case they will exclusively refer to themselves as "Floran".
    • Florans are born from pods often referred to as cocoons, as such Florans may refer to eachother as cocoon-kin.
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    Reverse Engineering

    Ever since the Florans first encountered the Glitch, it became clear that they possess an uncanny ability to reverse engineer alien technology and to assimilate it into their own. However, due to the stagnant scientific progress of their tribal society, it is extremely rare for Florans to invent new technologies or applications for existing technology on their own.


    Florans have been known to communicate with, and to some extent be able to manipulate plant life. However, rumors of Florans being able to command vines to strangle and do unspeakable things to their enemies have been widely exaggerated. Florans are able to communicate with plants through the secretion of special pheromones. As such, Florans possess a certain connection to plant life, which animal based organisms do not share.

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