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An awkward 'Hello' from those of Orion's Edge.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Aiko, May 20, 2016.

  1. Caws

    Caws birb

    Welcome to Antares, new friends.
  2. Diddums

    Diddums That Loveable Lad

    Greetings! I personally enjoy my status of OE refugee, and assure you no acts of subjugation in the name of OE will be made

  3. Reconus

    Reconus Moderator Staff Member

    I used to be Reconus - but this old account is called... well, this dumb name.
    If any benevolent admins would be kind enough to switch it back to Reconus that'd be fab <3

    Otherwise hi I'm InsertFacerollHere yes hello
  4. Recluse

    Recluse New Member

    Well if were doing that... can my name be changed to Recluse? ,-,
  5. Cole Ombre

    Cole Ombre Lurking Admin

    Anyone who wants to change their name is free to do so! You can put in a request on your profile page under 'Settings' -> 'User Name Change' and we'll push it through as soon as we can!
  6. Reconus

    Reconus Moderator Staff Member

    Duly noted: thank you for the aid.
  7. Oleksandra

    Oleksandra New Member

    Hello everyone. I'm also from O.E. I hope we can all have a grand ol' time together.
  8. Ricardo

    Ricardo ERP Champ 2016

    He was always kind of a cunt tbh
  9. Day Tripper

    Day Tripper miller ball breaker

    you're not wrong
  10. Ziggy

    Ziggy Sinfully Soft

    AAaaaaaaaaa Retardo's back!
  11. Malachar

    Malachar Heir to Madness

    Welcome back to the less dark side.
  12. ZChimera

    ZChimera New Member

    Heyo, it's the Zodiac Chimera here, among the OE refugees. I'm new to Antares, but hopefully I'll be resilient enough to rebound with my chars in roles that fit the new lore without compromising their own personal stuff.
  13. yoyohaloreach

    yoyohaloreach New Member

    Hello people from Orions Edge I'm one of the veterans here. Been here for some time, so hope we can all get along. Welcome back Aiko, please don't make another Avalon (Please.) Have fun and buy my guns.
  14. meanwhile

    meanwhile drunk cyberpunk catgirl

    well this is entertaining, to say the least.

    hallo orion's edge
  15. Foreign Flora

    Foreign Flora New Member

    Velcome to Castle Carfax...
  16. Aiko

    Aiko The Coolest Cat

    Wowie. Thanks for all the support and friendlies, guys :) Jeeze.

    I won't build an Avalon -- Promise.

    We built this instead.

  17. CaptainBritton02

    CaptainBritton02 Man of War

    that's fuckin amazing
  18. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    color me 'holy fuck'd'

    (how do you get grass that isn't just plain green aaaaaaa)
  19. Aiko

    Aiko The Coolest Cat

    What can I say -- I'm the greek god of erections. In the building sense. Not phallus sense.
  20. yoyohaloreach

    yoyohaloreach New Member

    That's not what I remember...
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