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AFIF General Information

Discussion in 'AFIF' started by Tacoburger, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. Tacoburger

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    Antares Faction for Independence and Freedom

    General Information
    Once a faction bent on removing any sort of Council influence from the sector, now driven to be supported by the Council itself, AFIF found itself in a dilemma. The Council requested for the aid of AFIF to act as fringe police, and with little objection due to relief aid spared by the core worlds, AFIF now finds itself replacing the Indigenous Guard as the acting force for the Council's many endeavors.

    Make no mistake, AFIF is as free as any man living in the frontier, but has the full authority of a governing nation under it's own flag. As proposed by recent re-arrangements by the Council's new declaration set forth to instate it as apart of the official list of nations underneath Council space, AFIF now operates out of the Berg, a once privately owned corporate rig, now turned AFIF capital. Using it's Erchius flow to fuel the labor of Council trade and manufacturing, the Berg remains relatively unchanged.

    Those living under the AFIF flag may find themselves registered now apart of the new nation, working as official members of either military sect or worker sect put in place by the acting Chancellor [UNNAMED]. Those interested in joining AFIF may put a formal request forward to anyone affiliated which will be relayed to the head of state for review. It is to be noted, however, that all laws put forth by the Council are now fully enforced by AFIF guardsmen. Refer to Council law for more info.

    If you request the aid of AFIF in the event of invasion or otherwise unfortunate event such as disaster, expect delays as the current change of power will be a slow process, and preparing any sort of military aid is a lengthy process.

    Military Force
    Since someone is going to be curious as to 'how powerful' AFIF is, short answer is: Its meh.

    Long answer:
    AFIF is mostly workers turned police. None have any real formal military knowledge, nor experience, although some may have been former veterans of past military services, it varies. Their equipment is lackluster, mostly being whatever they can afford individually, or whatever is passed down. Don't expect them to be too much of an issue in a fight one versus one. However, what they lack in experience is made up in numbers.

    A large number of workers and refugees operating in the fringe were garnered in the shadows to support the growing nation of common folk, that is, those operating in seclusion from any real government. They are eager, ready to fight to defend their nation and expel those who would dare destroy their chance at freedom.

    Although the recent change of views on the Council have left many of those in the faction disillusioned, they feel it was for the greater good to gain the assistance publicly of the Council so that they may survive and even be represented on a galactic scale.

    And before you go around slaughtering them: remember, they're just like any one else with a family and morals to fight for.

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  2. Tacoburger

    Tacoburger professional taco burger

    apologies for uh, abandoning the group, but there was little interest by me and by others to try and force something no one wanted to partake in, especially me, when roleplay was becoming stale. Maybe it'll come back, maybe not, until then... just stay tuned.
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