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A public announcement

Discussion in 'Upside' started by Haplap, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. Haplap

    Haplap Happypaps

    Citizens and visitors of Upside,
    This is Argus Hemstreet. I have some news to share with you today, but unfortunately, it's not all good. I'll start with the bad first. I will not be able to make anymore physical appearances on Upside for an undetermined amount of time. I apologize that I let official business get in the way of myself and Upside, but it has to be done. I will still be available through starnet, so do not hesitate to contact me there.

    Onto the good news, i've left the town with a parting gift. We have finished revisions on the western side of town, meaning it is open to the public. The elevator in the telechamber should now function just fine, taking you up and over to our newly remodeled clinic, library, and recreation center. Enjoy.
    [​IMG] Press that button!
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